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Michelle Aycoth

Developers and former developers are always right, right Mayor ?

Andy Aycoth

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Tressler deserves to have his technical question related to safety answered in a public forum.

James Lippert

There are some very good reasons orderization is NOT done on gas gathering lines. And thankfully such questions pertaining to regulation of oil and gas operations are done at the State level. Hear me now, put mercapitan in that gathering line and watch the circus begin.

Jim Forsythe

Mercaptan is not the only odorant that can be used. Since Mercaptan attacks some metals, working with engineers

may come up with a solution that is good for all. Other issues may be in play, but problems can be worked out.

David Smith

State and Federal regulations REQUIRE mercaptans

James Lippert

NOT in gathering or transportation lines. Only certain consumer gas distribution lines.

David Schuler

In the US, odorants typically consist of a mixture of Tert-Butyl Mercaptan (TBM) plus either Methyl Ethyl Sulfide (MES) or Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS). Straight TBM is never used due to corrosion and freezing levels. The two major brands are Spotleak and Scentinel, and the type chosen for any specific area is based on soil permeability and average temperatures. The level of odorant is generally around 0.5 to 0.7 pounds of odorant for each million cubic feet of gas - enough to smell but not enough to remain once the gas has burned.

Charlene Adams

It is absolutely ridiculous that they would even consider not adding an odorant to these gas lines located so close to populated areas!! Unconscionable!!

James Lippert

Zactly. That would just be the start of the potential circus. LC PD would be getting calls on a near daily basis. PD's all the way down the gas collection chain would be getting phone calls on a near daily basis. Just one reason why we reserve decisions regarding O&G operations to the State of Texas, not unskilled/inexperienced city govt staff.

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