The federal government has awarded a Galveston company more than $789 million to rebuild parts of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The contract, awarded by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, means SLSCO Ltd., stands to earn more than $1 billion total from work related to building fences and walls along the border.

The company, owned by Galveston natives Todd, John and Billy Sullivan, declined to comment, citing government restrictions.

“Due to the nature of the project, we direct all media to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol,” company spokeswoman Liz Rogers Alvarado said.

The contract was one of two totaling nearly $1 billion to replace short barriers meant to block vehicles with tall fences, federal officials said late Tuesday.

Barnard Construction Co., based in Montana, won the second contract for $187 million, officials said.

The companies also will install lights and improved roads along a 46-mile section near Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The contracts are being paid for with money diverted from military projects when President Donald Trump on Feb. 15 declared a national emergency at the border.

It was unclear which projects lost funding to the border fence, but in March, the U.S. Department of Defense identified $13 billion in projects from which it could divert money.

Among them was an $8.4 million project to renovate the Marine Corps reserve building in Galveston.

SLSCO Ltd. has won at least three other border wall contracts totaling $459 million for projects in California, New Mexico and Texas, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

With the new contract, the company stands to earn at least $1.24 billion through border-related government projects.

As with the project announced Tuesday, the company is replacing existing barriers, rather than erecting new ones. Part of the work, however, entails replacing waist-high vehicle barriers with fences as much as 30 feet tall, according to government statements.

Work to replace vehicle barriers in New Mexico with taller bollard-style barriers, described as steel slat fencing, has been underway for more than a year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statements.

SLSCO’s New Mexico section of the wall is supposed to be completed by October 2020, according to the defense department.

The Sullivans have steadfastly declined to comment about their involvement in the border project, citing orders from the federal government.

In December, a small group of people picketed outside the company’s office on Broadway in Galveston. Protesters included members of the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribal Nation, who said they worried wall construction would disturb burial sites and harm animal species.

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Rusty Schroeder

But I thought there wasn't a wall ? I know I read it in these comments before. :)

Bailey Jones

What's that tired old conservative mantra? "So glad my taxes are paying for more free stuff." lol

George Croix

789 million one time.....
100 BILLION per year......

Tired old math......[lol][whistling][rolleyes]

Bailey Jones

So, George, speaking of immigrants... how do you feel about taking that $100 billion we (allegedly) spend on illegal immigrants every year and spending it in central America to fix the conditions that cause illegal immigration in the first place? Every engineer knows the best place to stop a leak is at the source.

Kelly Naschke

Why isn’t Central America capable of fixing their own problems?

Steve Fouga


Bailey Jones

Kelly - corruption, crime fueled by America's drug addiction, decades of wars funded by the US / USSR, and most recently, climate change that's making it impossible for farmers to make a living.

George Croix

Even the NYT and the WAPO are now eating crow and admitting the unprecedented mess at the border.
I don't feel very good about that use of our money at all, Bailey. We already send a BUNCH of money yearly, what, about a half billion isn't it.....and for that we get illegal aliens out the wazzoo who, once here, proceed to avoid assimilation as if it's a communicable disease....
I don't see any reason for USA taxpayers to fix problems for people in Central America when the folks who've lived there didn't have the will to try to clean their own country up.
I benefit from not being an engineer on that. As a once upon a time Process Operations Supv. I know that if you ignore the signs of impending disaster and don't try to head it off, you'll GET the disaster that you sat on your behind and watched happen in your own area of responsibility. As a Fire Captain I know that once you're getting burned it's too late to worry about who bought matches and gasoline....
But, there's nothing stopping a private citizen from donating as much of their own money as they want, or all of it, to causes they feel need it.....

Mark Stevens

In the interest of fairness, let's be a little more precise about our verbs.
The Sullivan interests may receive a Billion or so under the "Wall" contracts, but they are not likely to "earn" anything like that, in the sense of profit that is left over after labor, material, etc. etc. etc.
And there is a flip side. If they don't manage the contracts properly they may wind up "earning" a negative figure, i.e., losing money.
I don't like the Wall, but certainly don't begrudge the Sullivans for putting in a bid and getting the contract.
Markk W. Stevens

Lisa Blair

Some people use their moral and ethical compass when making business decisions, others will set their beliefs aside if there’s enough money to be made. Not too many will participate in something that they believe is immoral AND not likely to make them much money. Either way, I’m sorry to see them taking this on.

Rusty Schroeder

Like I have said before, put a "Trump Supporters Not Welcome" on your café door. Otherwise ……………..

Kelly Naschke

I use my moral and ethical compass when I avoid certain restaurants and patronize others. So does my wife, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, all of our friends, and anyone else that listens. But yes...I agree with you George. Ironically enough...many of the lamestream media outlets that were talking about a manufactured crisis at the border...have now swung around 180 degrees and are decrying that we DO have a crisis. Suck on that like a mosquito sucks blood Lisa.

Lisa Blair

Kelly, interesting that you would think that my political views would hurt my business more than your views would hurt yours. Do you see my husband, kids, parents, in-laws on your client list? We all get to make those choices and sometimes we can put our politics aside and work together to help our friends like you and I have done before. There’s really no need to be so nasty.

George Croix

"Some people use their moral and ethical compass when making business decisions, others will set their beliefs aside if there’s enough money to be made."

Like, when the dog is tied to the fence, it's not 'technically' in an eating area......


Rusty Schroeder

",others will set their beliefs aside if there is enough money to be made". yep [wink]

Don Schlessinger

Thousands of Central Americans coming to America thinking they will be well off being cared for by the U.S. They don't have a clue they will be unloaded in small cities with no resources. It doesn't matter that churches and rescue facilities all along the Texas border are overloaded and these

Don Schlessinger

OOPS: It doesn't matter that churches and rescue facilities all along the Texas border are overloaded, and these people are forced to do what they have to do to live. The Socialists are interestingly quiet when it comes to American citizens living along the border suffering along with UDDs. Our leftist members of Congress members are too focused on trying to ruin our country to get even with a President than to try to be a positive part of solving the problem. Moral and Ethical Compass, that's rich!

George Croix

GOOD for the Sullivans and every other contractor working on the 'manufactured crisis' as the 'resistance' calls it of a hundred thousand, plus, illegal aliens invading this country every month, crowding up the schools and slowing down the education process, school funding money, clogging up the ERs and maternity wards, consuming resources meant for American citizens and legal residents. All with the blessing of the usual suspects who B and P&M about how Greg Abbott can't get school funding right.
Can't fix that lack of thought process.....
Shirley Ardell Mason had 16 distinct personalities.
Ya'll have 14 faces to go.................[ohmy]

Gary Miller

Kudo's to the Sullivans. It realy is a manufactured crisis. Created by the "open border" people wanting cheap voters and workers.

Doug Sivyer

If it's for rebuilding current wall structure in poor condition and already planned prior to Donnie Boys demand for new wall then so be it. I think we all know when it comes to this wall building issue tRump will use funding from where ever he can re take it from (short of his own pocket of course) to build new wall and calling it "rebuilding". He has shown time and time again he cannot be trusted so it's difficult to really know for certain what the truth is.

George Croix

Let's see....we have people declaring that a HUNDRED THOUSAND illegal border entries a month is a 'manufactured crisis' and we have a president trying to close some of that off to save the USA taxpayers at least a HUNDRED BILLION a year (and that was before the more recent mass influxes turned loose to get what they can ...) and we have people saying it's TRUMP who can't be trusted, who's not telling the truth about the border situation????

Now, that would be funny, I don't care who ya are......if it weren't so utterly expected from the 'resistance'.....

John Cole

Texans, I Love This. President Trump following through, again, on another of his many promises to The American People to protect This Greatest of Countries from illegals.

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