Voting is over and newly elected officials are celebrating their wins. But for some the fight to root partisanship out of nonpartisan elections is just beginning.

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Matt deGrood began working at The Daily News as a reporter in Sept. 2016.

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Michelle Aycoth

5000 CCISD employees not counting the retirees can vote in the board members no matter what the majority of tax paying citizens think.

Low voter turnout and the CCISD holding the election in school buildings further gives the advantage to CCISD employees.


Gary Scoggin

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think those 5000 CCISD employees are pretty much all tax paying citizens as well.

Norman Pappous

LOL! Gary, how you would scream if all the voting machines were only placed in office buildings every election. "VOTER SUPRESSION!!!!" LOL!!!

Carol Dean

Not necessarily, Gary. A lot of people drive from neighboring cities AND counties.

Norman Pappous

^That's a very good, and non-partisan, point by Michelle Aycoth. It makes one wonder if the votes of CCISD employees have a structural advantage in every election.

The truth is the most savage of the hyperbole came from Parizo's detractors. Who will ever forget the Daily News claiming they do not print letters late in the election stating facts they cannot confirm, then printing a guest column titled "GOP endorsing unqualified candidates puts children at risk" three days before the election? I doubt that such savagery will disappear from future elections given that the victor in this race had it used to their advantage.

The notion that this board does 'not do national politics' is curious given that both CCISD admin and Board members go to lengths to state that the board is wholly against teaching CRT.

"Cunningham, meanwhile, argued he and other board members should represent all residents and should keep party politics out of the campaign." IMO, it is hard to not take sides on the CRT issue and it apparent the Board has taken sides in what is a very national issue. So that Rubicon has been crossed.

Lastly, despite the headline - history will show that this election decidedly shifted the board's political center to the right.

michaelsmith Staff
Michael A. Smith

Mr. Pappous offer a false assessment of The Daily News’ policy on election letters and columns. What the paper has actually stated perhaps 100 times over the years is this:

“The Daily News has a long-standing policy against publishing letters and guest columns backing or attacking candidates on Election Day.

“In every election, just as voters go to the polls, we get last-minute allegations of facts we can’t verify.

“Publishing those sorts of opinion pieces that late in a campaign would be unfair because it leaves the candidate without the opportunity to respond.”

His comment is false and misleading for the following reasons:

1. The column at issue was published, as he notes, three days before Election Day, not on Election Day.

2. That gave the candidate ample time to respond; she didn’t. People are free to come to their own conclusions about why that was.

3. In this case, the author of the column provided supporting material for her arguments. These consisted of comments the candidate had made on social media. So, in other words, the author’s arguments weren’t “unconfirmed” as Pappous argues.

Also, the editors required the author to remove some assertions that we found to be over-reaching.

Norman Pappous

If you think that publishing unsubstantiated accusations three days prior to election day provides a candidate enough time to dispel the published notions placed in front of voters by this newspaper, that is an opinion I do not share.

However you cannot get to the end of the first paragraph of the column in question before reading a statement of fact by the author that is entirely false:

"Galveston County schools have long been a source of pride for our community because of effective, experienced and compassionate school leaders who had the skills to realize their bold vision. Now, our local Republican Party wants to take these fabulous institutions away from us."

"The local Republican party wants to....." That is not an opinion. She is telling the reader the desires of the local Republican party. Not only is the statement without merit, it references no sources even though sources exist that could confirm or deny such a statement.

Or this – “Jeff Larson, another candidate for board of trustees, got a GOP endorsement not because of educational experience (he has none — in fact, his candidate filings show that he’s not even a volunteer for the district) but because of his political experience as part of the Republican Liberty Caucus.” Supporting documentation please? Larson was the only Republican in the race – that is why he received support from the GCRP.

Or what about my favorite? “The Republican Party wants to bias education to reflect its twisted version of reality.” That is a fact? She “provided supporting material for her arguments”? Really? Where?

No Michael, this was a hit piece that would never have seen the light of day in your pages had it been aimed at a democrat. That’s ok though. Republicans know this newspaper’s bent and many subscribe regardless – including me. Don’t wag your finger if a future campaign’s tone reaches into the gutter, the Daily News will be able to claim at least partial credit.

Paula Smith


Craig Mason

I vote my pocketbook and Cunningham was a trustee last year when my school taxes were lowered, so he had my vote.

Stuart Crouch

Amazing...absolutely amazing. With all of the problems of the world today, and as his own political party continues to unapologetically eat itself and attack our democracy for all the world to see, you have a guy that wants to wah-wah about the very paper that he often uses to spew his twisted narrative of all things wrong in Norman's world.

Someone pass him the Kleenex and some Band-aids for his boo-boo's and butthurt. Unlike Mr. Pappous, I enjoy this paper and I, too, live in the "north end of the county". In fact, I was raised here and have been here a long, long time for he ever showed up. High tides can leave us more than just driftwood and sea glass, I suppose. I must take issue with his representative claims about what "the north end of the county" does or does not prefer in a newspaper. How would he even know this? He's too busy complaining and pointing fingers at people. There's little doubt that he has moved up here to further insulate and surround himself with others that share his warped worldview.

Larry Grissom

You want LARGE voter turnout out?

Try bringing Critical Race Theory into the school system. Trust me, voters will turn out to stop that from becoming reality.

Bailey Jones

Nothing motivates like fear - hence the fear-mongering.

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