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Ray Taft

Really, Mr. Ferguson. You wrote: “While Abbott’s proposals were mostly supported by the Senate, led by Lt. Gov. Joe Straus, some items died in the House of Representatives.” So you think Straus is lieutenant governor. Well he’s not, Dan Patrick is.

If you got the name of our lieutenant governor wrong, what else did you get wrong in your article? Do you really fact check your work?

Gary Scoggin

I had the same reaction at first. I think he knew the difference but the sentence was not well constructed. A semicolon between “Senate” and “led” would have made it more clear.

Walter Manuel

“The idea that I’m pushing anyone’s agenda other than my own district didn’t occur to me,” Faircloth said. “I just see myself as representing the people of my district and sometimes that’s going to put me on the other side of a lot of people.”

Yeah Mr. Faircloth, just like you "represented" those who fought against TEA replacing the ousted LMISD BOT and consolidating the district with TCISD even though you hadn't done your OWN homework in order to see just how bad the condition of the school district really was in or the poor education and financial standards that those same students were receiving.

Shame on you Mr. Faircloth for throwing all of the kids of LMISD under the bus just so that you could please the Black Ministerial Alliance.

Who else did you also cave into while supposedly representing "your constituents"?

It's time Mr. Faircloth is sent packing....

Carol Dean

Mr. Ferguson, you stated that Mayes Middleton was one of four donators to Empower Texans in 2017. I highly suggest you check those numbers.

"Fakecloth" has received the majority of his donations from a fundraiser sponsored by Joe Straus. There is not one iota of conservatism to be connected to that man.

Sorry to burst your bubble Republicans, but "Fakecloth" is your standard RINO and seeks to promote himself with as little work involved on his own.

This is a well kept secret, but everyone should know that Wayne and Cheryl Fakecloth think they "own" a church in Galveston and that Mayes Middleton and his family were verbally chastised for attending that church when the Middletons were on the island for six weeks. Shame on you Cheryl and Wayne.

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