The Texas General Land Office has given the city a long list of problems at public beach access points that must be corrected before the state agency will allow a $1 increase in seawall parking fees voters approved last year.

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Don Schlessinger

Great News, thank you GLO and George P. Bush.

Ron Shelby

Regarding Jerry Mohn’s comment about educating homeowners regarding beach access: new buyers of coastal homes should be mandatorily provided with a standardized informational notice regarding beach access. The best point would be during the execution of an earnest money contract. Over time, owners would all have been informed. Maybe coastal cities and the texas land office could work together to get the legislature to pass something like that.

Margarita Sims

Good idea

Tom Brown

Thank you Texas General Land Office!

John long

Call me old fashioned but I dont think there should be any fee for parking along the seawall or downtown. As far as "making up for the bus stops and bathrooms" the bus system appears to not be a free service, and pays for itself including the spot where it sits and should generate enough for the bathroom location where it sits. If you're in business to lure travelers to your city, then bathrooms should be provided along seawall, which part of the hotel tax can pay for its water and paper use.

Bill Broussard

This is well done, Keri!

Lisa Arthur

Is there a list someplace or map of the locations where they are considering moving bollards? Does this mean that some of the pedestrian only beaches will become drive-on beaches? Allowing more people to drive on the beaches, particularly beaches in West End seems to be so at odds with the coastal barrier plan which is trying to build-up the dunes to protect us from storms. When cars are allowed to drive on the beaches, they drive in the dunes. City of Galveston doesn't police the beaches or have enough police staff to prevent this from happening.

Bill Broussard


up until the 1980's everyone could drive on most of the beach. As development progressed on the West End, driving was progressively limited and in return for the GLO permission to do so, the City agreed to progressive beach access policies and filed access plans with the State. Since then, property owners have violated these State covenants. No driving on the beach is one half of a contract with the State. Beach access for the public is the other half.

So, the GLO is attempting to force us to keep our decades long deal. For now, it's simply no approval of our parking fee hike but if pushed, the GLO could take all the bollards down and permit driving again. It's simply a matter of does this City get itself compliant or not. BTW: At the level of HOA's on the west end, the City can permit driving on the beach for any HOA that continues to break the law so not all the bollards have to come down...just those at the subdivision that continue being criminals.

Bill Broussard

Lisa: I wanted to add that I appreciate you'r using the term "pedestrian only". It highlights what is at stake in this controversy in that the GLO would maintain that over the past few years, "Pedestrian only" has come to mean "Property owner only"

and at least where I live in Laffites Cove a short golf cart ride from Pirates Beach, it has evolved further to "Homeowner only and never the disabled!". I even hear it boasted about at homeowner meetings here. Part of what is driving the beach front folks is they have sold many houses to far away owners that rent to weekend renters who could not possibly understand the complex rules of beachfront property management so the remaining beach front owners construct barriers to obstruct the very renters their neighbors bought to rent to. There is no problem out here that the beach front owners haven't created for themselves and the public suffers....until now. Imagine what their property would be worth with cars allowed on the beach and it may take that!

I was born here on this island in 19483, learned to drive a car on the sand in 1963 and lived on the West End- bay side- since 1981. I've watched this thing develop and I agree with the above folk's...its disgraceful

Lisa Arthur

Bill Broussard: Thank you for the explanation and all the history. Helps to understand!

mark jones

It seems the city is not in compliance more often than not.

Rudolph Garza

Well I guess when the City spends $ millions $ of HOT planting trees along broadway, they have to raise the access fees. Wait..........can you spend money on trees along broadway.......smell test at the very least.

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