Four Galveston County Sheriff’s Office deputies packed up two county-owned vehicles Tuesday morning and began a six-hour drive down to Val Verde, on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Albert S. Gonzales

The Hurricane season is upon us...Do not divert federal funds intended for Covid Relief, which by the way the Covid problem is re surging. Back to my point, Galveston County may well need some of those funds should we have the misfortune of a busy hurricane season. Send help not all the funds intended for Covid Relief. "Save for a rainy day", Galveston county may need it.

Carlos Ponce

It's raining, Albert.

Ted Gillis

I am a liberal group of one, and I too object. I think Henry’s (both of them) decisions are purely political.

If you want to send someone, send the reserve or retired deputies trying to pick up extra work, not our front line work force.

These are our guys, not theirs. Let the state hire their own workforce.

Carlos Ponce

"I am a liberal group of one" That's true. I found a a Ted Gillis fan- Danny Kitchener. He thinks highly of you.

Doug Sivyer

How about we use our County law enforcement resources, paid for by the tax payers of Galveston County in Galveston County to fight crime. God knows we have enough crime. If Trochesset or other County paid public Servants want to volunteer to help out at the border let him do it on his own time.

Carlos Ponce

Doug Sivyer, have you ever heard of Crime Prevention? Or do you prefer Galveston County citizens getting hurt before action is taken?

Raymond Lewis

Then perhaps they should be sent to Chicago or New York. Or even Florida if crime ‘prevention’ is what you”re after.

Carlos Ponce

How about we take care of TEXAS FIRST, Raymond.

David Hardee

We are blessed to have a Sheriff that recognizes he is protecting the citizens of our county, State and Country by stopping the invasion at our border.

I pledge $100.00 to offset the expenses incurred and ask that the Sheriff where my contribution can accept with an entry on this thread so any so inclined can do the same.

It is obvious that the Federal Government is polluted with sects that are self-serving and intent on destroying all the society that was the best hope of humanity, the traditional USA.

Every citizen that has a scintilla of common sense recognizes this is a "border invasion" promoted by the Progressive liberals intent to use human beings as fodder to gain their objective of diluting our society for political agenda, an act which is despicable and immoral.

Our Sheriff recognizes that there is an invasion. An invasion of people that immediately becomes illegal, thus criminals. An invasion of criminals promoted by the Democratic Progressive Liberals, making the false claim of benevolence.

As did when the country was under threat of invasion in WWI and WWII the patriotic citizens responded to fight - Our Sheriff has responded to stop the invasion at our border.

It is despicable to claim benevolence for these people when it is so obvious that these invaders are only being used. Not only used politicians but also abused on their trek - they are: made to pledge payment some by sex trafficking's, exposed to brutality, children abandoned, made curriers for drugs, and effectively become chattel and indentured slaves crammed in trucks and safe houses. These are some of the harms by the cartel's, coyotes and charlatans along their path,

Then arriving at their destination these chattel slaves become criminals because they are illegal invaders. That criminality extends to the progressive liberals that have encouraged them to become illegal aliens. No matter any lawyer, or judges argument, or any politicians' skewed perception, common sense is, that once these invader’s place their feet on the soil of the USA, the invader is a criminal.

Crossing the border, unlawfully, is a criminal act and assisting and abetting in a criminal act makes their assistants also criminals.

These elected perpetrators of false benevolence are pandering to our citizens to believe these invaders are victims seeking asylum. That is a humongous lie. These invaders are seeking largesse. These invaders are costly to every legal citizen in more than money. They overburden schools and welfare and medical services. They are a source of diseases and proven to be carriers of the China Virus, They gather largesse and send it back to countries they abandoned, the are magnets to others to invade, among the invaders are truly despicable people using the hordes as cover to gain access, and none of these invaders are valuable to the society they are invading. Pandering as benevolence, is the progressive liberals most disgusting and successful action. Using that pandering has corrupted our society and every invader is a potential voter begging for more.

Biden personally and his administration is disgusting.

David Hardee

Ted Gillis

“The traditional USA”. I see you showed your racism early in your post David. Saved me from reading the rest.

David Hardee

We have the renown "name caller" and producer of insulting quips joining in again - Ted Gillis. Ted has perfected the art of redundancy. Ted, will using as little intellectual effort possible produce the least possible associated to the subject. What is laudable is Ted offers other than an a miniscule effort to denigrate.

I am always pleased to find I am associated with anything that does not meet with Ted's approval.

Ted is calling me a racist for being a traditionalist is redundant since he claims all are racist because their skin is white. And consequently white skin lineage are racist and white skin progeny is racist. How many ways can one qualify as a racist? An is there a tier of or degree of being a racist? Is Ted truly anti-racist or simply a non-traditional racist or a racist of a different color? This qualifying as a racist is Ted's expertise. Surely Ted can tutor us with the the particular element that make a racist. Please help us, Ted.

The rest would have been beyond your attention span and comprehension.

Ted Gillis

I’ll have to admit, Kitchener is very smart man.

Ted Gillis

No thanks David, I keep my comments short, since this is the “comments” section.

If I felt like writing a letter, I’d do so and submit it to the editor.

David Hardee

Once more Ted's failure to comprehend the purpose of a comment has led to his concocted a definition for the word "comment" - per Ted, comment has a limit on number of words and does not have the necessity to be comprehensive to the reader. Consequently to give his quip a thrust - Ted's resorts to include "name calling." .

Ted has the same problem when he concocted a definition for the use of the phrase "Traditional USA". Per Ted the definition is "a racist".

Most on these threads attempt to give a comprehensible understanding and some information to support their conclusion/opinion. And along come these jaded minds and produce these nuisance and insulting quips. How a mind becomes so jaded and why they need to deposit clutter, of no value, to a thread is irritating. Could it be that those are people whose only purpose in life is to be an irritation? Is that it, Ted?

Ted Gillis

I’m sorry that nobody else is responding to your comments David, but don’t take it out on me.

David Hardee

Sad is that only 6 people found this article worthy of interest/comment. And the ration of comments was 3 IN favor and 3 OUT of favor with the Sheriff's action.

The issue of border invasion is prominent in the media and extremely serious to society on whole. But most prefer to squabble over their self-serving agenda items. So much for common good and patriotism in the general public's concern.

I too am sorry more did not participate. I assume that was the meaning of your comment. If you meant other please clarify.


Carl Eppolito

Good investment, the State is being forced to do what the feds wont

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