It’s common to see temporary paper license plates on cars and trucks plying Galveston County roads.

The paper tags are used during the title and registration process on vehicle transfers. They allow vehicles to be legally on the road while the registered owner awaits permanent metal plates.

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John Merritt

Texas needs to take a hard look at our license plates. Which is very difficult for two reasons. One, those paper plates, easily faked, are impossible to read. Two, the person responsible for the Texas Dept of Motor Vehicles is appointed by the Governor. Both of these situations need to change. The job, as many other jobs in state agencies appointed by the governor, needs to be put into a civil service procedure, with appropriate folks deciding who gets the job. We would have more competent folks running our high state offfices. Concerning our license plates, in some states, the back license plate, with no front plate needed, stays on the vehicle for 6 years, through owner changes. If a vehicle changes hands, a dealer can enter the change online, the moment the change occurs. If it is a private sale, the seller and buyer must go to a dealer, or to the courthouse, to change the title. What is so hard about that?

Bill Sterchi

I'll take it a few steps further John. Buy a car from a Dealer, take the paperwork to your County Tax Office and get Tags. The travel from the Dealership to the Tax Office is covered by the Purchase Documentation and, of course, YOUR insurance - which you must have before leaving the Dealership. Do away with Paper Tags entirely. My personal thought is that it's basically needless. If you are trading in a vehicle, CARRY the plate to the Tax Office and get the tag swapped. And....I heartily agree - "What's so hard about that?"

Bill Sterchi


Emman Sull

I see more and more paper tags, some look ragtag, on the car for weeks, try to stay away from those cars, sounds odd. Something needs to be done!

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