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Miceal O'Laochdha

"The park board isn’t sure yet how much it would cost for its contractor to produce a scaled back design of the pavilion...". Our guess is it will cost $550,000.00.

Don Schlessinger

As long as the citizens of Galveston Island have a chance to yes or no on absurdity we might be okay. Anything agreed on by the COG and the PB without a vote is disaster for tax victims. We can't trust either, especially the PB, when it comes to spending our money on tourists.

Rusty Schroeder

Studies and designs and absolutely nothing done. Did anybody take a look yesterday at Stewart Beach with the high tide ? I did, it was Lake Stewart.

Ron Shelby

If the original design estimate at $25million was pre-Harvey construction estimates, then they may find it costing quite a bit more today. There is a major construction employee shortage going on across the US pushing up costs.

Steve Fouga

Here's what I don't understand: What, exactly, is the incentive for building a new pavilion?

Does someone think that even 1 more tourist, beyond the 7.5 million who came to Galveston last year, is waiting for a new pavilion to be built?

Does someone have statistical evidence that even 1 from that 7.5 million has decided, "Welp, sure won't be going back down to the coast until that old pavilion is replaced...?"

Does someone really believe that municipal offices should be built on a beach that is routinely battered and flooded, rather than in relative safety behind a seawall?

Does someone think that tourists will purchase enough food and merch from beach retail to even begin to recoup the costs of building this thing?

In my opinion, there is no legitimate business case for building a new pavilion. Bathrooms and showers, probably. Beach Patrol facilities, maybe, though personally I don't understand the need.

Won't somebody please stop this expensive boondoggle, before any more money is spent on it? And please upgrade the parking and roadways; there is a definite need for that.

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