Galveston trolley car No. 501 is being restored at Gomaco Trolley Company in Ida Grove, Iowa, after being damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.


As the city prepares for the return next month of one of its three rail trolleys, it’s also considering how to pay to operate the transportation system.

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Stephen Murphy

I'm curious if the trolleys are required to meet ADA requirements and, if so, are these trolleys wheelchair accessible?

Allen Flores

The trolleys are pretty but nobody rides them. It's a stretch to say that trolleys fill hotel rooms. Hotel Occupancy Taxes have become the city's source for pet projects instead of their intended purpose of marketing programs for conventions at hotels. Going forward, the Hotel Association should be allowed input on the city's expenditures of hotel tax.

Bailey Jones

I love the trolleys. They're great for getting around without having to deal with limited parking, and they're a unique and delightful feature of the island. I hope the city raises the price - $1 / ride seems too cheap when compared to other means of transport.

Wayne D Holt

I'm with you. I know it sounds like a lot for an "antiquated" transportation mode but I believe the novelty will be a long time in wearing off, if ever. After all, San Francisco trolleys are still the stuff of songs.

Across the street from my window on 22nd St is a very nice mural. There are people out there at all hours taking pictures of it, and with it. I think trolleys, like the murals around town, are a great fit for Galveston, and especially for younger visitors who are more attuned to experiences rather than just shopping. I plan on using it quite a bit and I haven't been young since I got a lot older.

Bailey Jones

And on the east end, there's so much that's just NOT QUITE walking distance, and the ability to hop on a trolley to get from one nexus to the next is great. I can't wait. There's a stop a couple of blocks from us on Rosenberg - hop on, go to the Strand, hop on, go to the Seawall. When I was a kid in Dallas you could still see the tracks downtown, even though the trolleys were long gone. They've always fascinated me.

Eric Vaughan

Any update on the return?

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