Seawall parking

Before going out to the Gulf to surf, Greg Linbeck reads his debit card information while paying for parking on Seawall Boulevard near 27th Street in Galveston on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018.


The city council plans to appoint a seven-member committee to discuss retaining and possibly raising the parking fees along Seawall Boulevard during its regular meeting in October.

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Ron Shelby

Hopefully they don’t appoint a prebiased committee and ignore those citizens/users who are happy at current amenity levels. Don’t stack the deck with spenders.

timothy spencer

Talk to the State of Texas & get approval to raise it to $100.00 per hour. Charge enough to keep all tourists away that will increase profits for the business in Galveston. Oh yes, I almost forgot charge a toll on both bridges & the ferry coming into Galveston. The city officials can find a place to spend all of it.

George Croix

Eight bucks is rediculously low for an entire day of parking.
I wish the same folks making that call would sell cold Diet Cokes on the seawall - I figure they'd go for about 50 cents each, comparatively......

Kelly Naschke

Should be at least $15 a day....$50 annual. Violators should be ticketed.

Rusty Schroeder

That's what is left out of the equation, they are ticketed. Problem is how many actually pay the ticket, that was mysteriously left out of the article. Man hours and the service fee are mentioned, yet unmentioned are the % of unpaid tickets and their costs in the equation. I believe $15 would be fair, a sliding scale should be enforced during Mardi Gras parade weekends. Say $50 for All day and $25 for half day that includes the parade.

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