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Diane Turski

If the Texas Oil and Gas Association is interested in "keeping Texas communities safe", then the variance this developer is requesting to NOT have to odorize natural gas, especially within feet of several residential neighborhoods, should NEVER be approved by the League City Council!!! Anyone who does not want this particular variance approved should immediately begin contacting the League City Council members to voice their opinions and to begin attending the City Council meetings to speak directly against this dangerous request by this developer!! Natural gas is odorized for a good reason - SAFETY FIRST!!!

Chuck DiFalco

A League City Council vote for requiring the odorization of natural gas (i.e. against the variance) would be inviting a game of chicken. From what I’ve read, few if any challenges to House Bill 40 have been argued in court. That means many “what ifs” and “what abouts” related to what cities do and don’t have the authority to do have not been decided upon. I’d be surprised if either City Council or Mr. Watkins wants to fight it out in court. The city’s case could be flimsy. While odorization would occur on the surface, where the city has some jurisdiction in oil and gas operations, and odorization is a safety issue, it is also about the product itself, not the aesthetics of the equipment like fencing, landscaping, and noise abatement. Even if state law gives the city authority related to aesthetics, any city requirement concerning oil and gas operations would have to pass the state’s “commercially reasonable” test. Talk about opening a can of worms. Rabid worms in this case.

Donald Roccaforte

The problem with odorizing at the source being the well is you can't odorize what's in the well. You can only odorize what's being put into the attached piping. If an issue occurs at the wellhead, it will not be odorized. The other issue is odorizers often generate more issues when located near populated areas. A single drop of spilled mercaptan (the chemical used in the odorizer) or the most minuscule leak in the odorizer will generate panic in the community.

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