As COVID-19 cases again begin to rise in the United States, Texas and Galveston County, U.S. Rep. Randy Weber, a Republican from Friendswood, thinks it’s time for the federal government to lift mask requirements on airplanes.

Weber on Friday announced he was a co-sponsor of a bill called the “Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act,” which he said would stop federal agencies from requiring masks in transportation hubs, including airports.

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Bailey Jones

Weber is an idiot - that special kind of idiot that equates public health measures with "tyranny". I'm sure he's been vaccinated so he won't experience the real tyranny of COVID - being confined to a hospital bed struggling for your next breath. Get vaccinated, Weber did.

If you need info about the vaccine or where to get vaccinated, Weber has an extensive list of resources on his official congressional page -

Doug Sivyer

Yes he is an idiot, lift the mask requirement's and intact laws preventing private businesses and Universities from mandating mask wearing just as the Delta variant cases continue to surge and infections continue to rise across the nation. God only knows where we get some of these morons such as Weber and Greg Abbott. .

Ellen Morrison

Mr. Weber is sure showing his ignorance of current CoVID trends. This bill is a waste of time, and worse. With the Delta and Lambda variants now wreaking havoc in the unvaccinated population and causing break-through infections in the vaccinated population, the last thing we need is to reduce the usage of masks!

Lambda seems to show reduced vaccine efficacy. Under current conditions, it’s only a matter of time before the virus mutates enough to make everyone vulnerable again.

Rick Altemose

I don't think he's an idiot, but he sure thinks we are. Maybe he's right. We keep electing him

Carlos Ponce

Randy is not an idiot. But those of you who think so, look at what that says about the Democrats he's beaten.

Charlotte O'rourke

What does it say?

Gerrymandering has always reined supreme for the party in control.

Carlos Ponce

Supreme Court Case Rucho v. Common Cause, No. 18-422, 588 U.S. (2019)

“To hold that legislators cannot take their partisan interests into account when drawing district lines would essentially countermand the Framers’ decision to entrust districting to political entities.”

Ted Gillis

Randy can go fly Delta without his mask and catch the Delta variant. Ha. See what I did there?

One less republican to defeat.

George Laiacona

Weber is just another one of those Republicans that refuses to admit that the Trump virus is still here. Denial is the Republicans way of spending lies . Propaganda is the Republicans main agenda.

Carlos Ponce

Since there is no such thing as the "Trump virus" your post is nonsense.

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