A Galveston County man died with COVID-19 on June 2, the Galveston County Health District said Wednesday.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.

Vaccinations rates by age group

As of Tuesday, 144,799 Galveston County residents had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The number represents about 50.2 percent of the county's population that is eligible, by age, to be vaccinated.

Rates of vaccination in the county vary widely by age group. Older county residents are vaccinated at the highest rates. Residents between the age of 12 and 15 years old, who were made eligible for vaccines in May, have the lowest rates.

Source: Texas Department of State Health Services

Age Population Vaccinated Percent Vaccinated
12 to 15 18628 2560 13.74%
16 to 65 218293 102601 47.00%
Older than 65 50987 39626 77.72%


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(14) comments

Bailey Jones

The “mumbo jumbo" can kill you. I'll bet that the family of this man wishes he had gotten vaccinated.

Charlotte O'rourke

With the under 65 low vaccination rate, and the delta and delta plus variants increasing in Texas in the months ahead, it will be another tough year starting late July and into the fall/winter. The CDC is cautioning every death is really preventable ... if eligible get vaccinated.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Yes - that's the message. Now that we have safe and effective vaccines, death and hospitalization are 99% preventable. At this point, what's killing people isn't so much the virus as their decision to not get vaccinated.

Americans who are choosing not to get vaccinated are dying at the rate of 2400 each week, and being hospitalized at a rate of 2000 per day. People who have been vaccinated are not. It's just that simple.

Charlotte O'rourke

While I agree it’s good advice to have healthy eating habits and not smoke, drink or do drugs and base the decision to get vaccinated on medical advice, surely you are not stating that deaths from covid can be entirely prevented by good nutrition?

Carlos Ponce

"surely you are not stating that deaths from covid can be entirely prevented by good nutrition?" It worked for 97% of Americans.

Gary Scoggin

An anecdote, not data: I was among those who never caught Covid and my nutritional habits, most people would agree, are less than ideal. I attribute to social distancing, good hygiene and mask wearing. Of course, since February, I attribute it to the vaccine.

Carlos Ponce

Sooooo.... 97% of Americans either not getting the virus, having no symptoms or having a mild case is "anecdotal".[rolleyes]

Gary Scoggin

No. My personal experience is anecdotal.


I have a close relative who was an anti-vaxxer. He has been on a ventilator and in a coma for almost four months at a hospital 1,500 miles from home. A very tragic situation for him and his family.

Bailey Jones

That's a horrible condition to be in. He and his family have my sympathy.

Gary Scoggin

I applaud this move by the Health Department. People can decide whether or not to get vaccinated but they should have this type of data available to them.

Ted Gillis

Sounds like Dr. Carlos Hotze has the cure.

Comment deleted.
Dan Freeman

There is no such thing as Chinese virus. There are millions of viruses, but none have a culture, they are not even alive. Get Vaxed or stay away from everyone.

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