Just before Thanksgiving, Terri Benyi dropped off two checks at the box outside the Bob Lyons Post Office, she said. Neither would end up at their destination.

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Terry Moore

Just going there stresses me out so much that I used another way to send Christmas monetary gifts that is safer this Christmas not knowing about this then. Definitely an inside job, how else? I will definitely drive the 4.5 miles downtown than the 1.5 miles to Bob Lyons!

Mark Stevens

Just a bit of caution and advice. Check your bank statements. If any check comes back altered phony or otherwise, immediately notify the bank in writing. Under most bank agreements you must do this within 30 days or so--otherwise, your account will be charged and it will be your hard luck.--Mark W. Stevens

Linda Gonzalez

Another problem with the postal system is the issue of "checks lost in the mail" as well as other mailed items. There's a extreme amount of mailed items from early November and December and now January, that have not reached it's destination, mostly check payments for bills, which in turn, makes accounts past due or terminated. This issue needs to be addressed and investigated as well. The reply that ALL the mail goes to the north Houston distribution center to be sorted and then back to Galveston County area is not sufficient. Authorities need to look into that distribution center to resolve this growing problem.

Bailey Jones

This is a good reminder for people to move away from checks. You can pay just about any bill these days online with either a credit card or bank draft. You can also help protect yourself by signing up for text message and email alerts on your credit card and bank accounts that report every transaction to your phone. To help protect you from credit card theft, you can use the Skimmer Scanner App on your phone to scan locations like gas pumps for bogus card skimmers.

Mary Lofaro


Wayne D Holt


Diane Turski

The Uni-Ball 207 Gel Pen has ink that can't be chemically "washed". It is designed to protect against water, fading, and fraud. However, it doesn't protect against theft.

Angelica Rendon

Post office address is wrong

Gary Miller

Theft of mail is more than checks. If you subscribe to a monthly book or magazine you may not get more than 11 months delivered. If your mail deliver likes them they keep one a month from each address on their route. If you notice one is missing you are told it was lost in the mail. Postal service bureaucrats are as corrupt as any other group. Years ago my wife and I proved we had mail going missing and who was getting it. The local post master said not possible. Now our important mail doesn't go by USPS. Several times a year we find a bill was delivered to a simular address across town. Local post master says "impossible" but we have retrieved the mail ourselves.

Aubrey Garcia

Informed delivery is a free service from the usps website where the usps emails you images of every item you should receive the next day. I have many complaints about usps, but informed delivery has been a nice modernization.

Paul R Heinrich

The correct address is 5826 Broadway.

Bailey Jones

Yes - I get these daily emails. Not as great as some other providers, but definitely better than nothing.

Terry Moore

Many times I get a a message saying "a piece of mail we do not have an image for is included in today's mail " I go days without any images then some days get all. No rhyme or reason. Special items like magazines and flyers usually don't get scanned but these are monthly statements that get scanned one month but not next. I put in a case with them going weeks without an image and they never responded. Yes it's nice when it works.

Wayne D Holt

Just this past week, a title company told me they had a batch of checks that have been missing in the mail for two months. I sent Christmas cards from an online seller all over the country. The ones in Huntsville arrived 10 days before my control piece arrived here downtown. We see mail in our boxes for folks blocks away. Mail that is clearly marked Return-No Forwarding Address comes back to us.

The US used to be the envy of the world with a vast postal system that managed to deliver the mail to the most remote parts of the country or the densest urban centers with equal consistency. It seems that mail delivery has joined much of what used to be other exemplary services in the dust bin of history.

George Laiacona

The post office on Broadway has had many kinds of problems over the years. Our petitions to our Republican Congressmen have gone nowhere Now that we have a democratic administration in Washington I will write to the Postmaster General there and see if he might do something to make our island post office look like it is part of America instead of that of a third world country.

Bob McCown

Good luck with that!

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