The city is entering into a round of discussions aimed at improving its economic development strategy with a goal of attracting more businesses and improving quality of life for island residents.

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David Schuler

The City should concentrate on making Galveston as attractive to businesses and potential employees as possible. That means good streets, good drainage, good schools, attractive thoroughfares. This also means cracking down on petty crime, homelessness, thefts, etc. You know, all the hard stuff. Of course, every time the City attracts a new festival that creates traffic jams, inability to find a place to eat, etc, they are working against making Galveston a calm & predictable site for businesses. Not to mention the fact that every business owner on this island knows how the CoG loves to shut down the island during and after hurricanes. Please, CoG, if you want to attract businesses, focus on making Galveston a better place to open one in general and don't try to focus on certain businesses to try and pick winners and losers. That path is fraught with peril.

Susan Fennewald


Galveston currently has more jobs than residents - the rush hour is onto the island for the jobs and away from the island to live.

Galveston currently has as many tourists as we can handle during the summer and has more hotels popping up.

So why do we need the government to get involved in more "economic development"? They should perhaps focus more on how to translate this business activity into more benefits for the residents.

Bailey Jones

The Houston area is loaded with intelligent engineers, machinists, doctors, artists, scientists, and business peeps just looking for some encouragement to become entrepreneurs. With the COVID shakeup - being called The Great Resignation - people are taking the initiative to quit their jobs and try new things. And remote workers are looking for better places to live. Now is the perfect time to attract this new blood to the island. I agree with the earlier comment about Galveston's quality of life - streets, parks, litter, beaches, schools, and I would add a reliable postal service - these are the things that make Galveston an attractive (or unattractive) destination.

Charlotte O'rourke

“The city is entering into a round of discussions aimed at improving its economic development strategy with a goal of attracting more businesses and improving quality of life for island residents.”

I’m depending on city council fulfilling the above promise because I agree with the two posters that change needs to occur and we need to make Galveston a better place to live and work.

The only place I disagree is with the statement we have too many jobs and city council shouldn’t be involved in economic development. We have too many poor residents working more than one job to pay bills and need quality jobs.

You don’t get that quality with putting most of your money and efforts solely into generating more day tourism. In other words by continuing to throw hot tax money at bringing more and more and more day tourists without resolving and spending hot tax on the problems it creates. If CC, PB, GWB need to lobby for legislative change on HOT, then start now.

The city should concentrate on several areas. #1 - Stop the port from continuing to run off industrial business and replacing it with all tourism. #2 - spend hot tax funds and sales tax and your energy on quality jobs and abating the problems on residents of too many transitory people. #3 - Promote quality tourism which I believe the PB has started toward this goal.

I have lost all respect for a group of port Trustees that promote building a bike path and removing rail and spending millions of dollars on these projects when it is not needed at this time and cuts off long term industry’s ability to expand, therefore eventually forcing it out. In the meantime, there is a west end road for cargo that is in shameful shape.

I hope city council is moving in the direction as stated by the first sentence of this article, but adding the goal of keeping industrial businesses that we already have, and if not, at least with council if not the boards, votes count.

Don Schlessinger

"The island has about 20 emerging technology companies, but the industry has much room to grow commercially, he said." Name them.

George Laiacona

Any kind of updates to improve our island are always welcome. But we have visual problems like litter and trash in our city streets that creates a messy look as one enters our island take Broadway for instance, it is the entrance way to our island. What do see first? You see a Post Office that should be located in a third world country; then as you drive further into our city on Broadway you see the ugly store fronts of Plumbing and Electrical Supply houses, or industrial warehouses. The esplanade is cared for, but the rest of the curbing is allowed to grow weeds that collect the litter. Broadway being the entrance to our island should look the best it can not the worst.

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