A Galveston man tentatively is set to be sentenced to probation in a contracting fraud scheme, but several people who say they also were defrauded are upset he might get off lightly and they’ll be shut out of any restitution.

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Mark Stevens

Sorry, Ron, but I see the DA's point. My memory tells me that some years ago, after Ike, a contractor was convicted in Galveston County for such fraud. The conviction (again, by my memory) was tossed out on appeal. If the contractor did any work at all, it is close to impossible to make the case "stick". I sometimes think (as a defense lawyer) that the DA is over aggressive, but I have never accused Jack Roady or his prosecutors of being "Under" aggressive. If they did not pursue your case, they had good reason.

Paula Flinn

I had a contractor that I paid to re-tar my roof over my front porch. He put so much tar on it it ran off and onto my driveway. Then, he never finished the job. A certain prominent man had the same guy restoring his house on Bayou Shore Drive. He did not want to go in on a lawsuit with me. He owed that guy a lot more work on his house. There are “2-legged sharks” on dry land after every storm.

Ron Shelby

Someone has to protect people from a guys like this. Find a way.

Bruce VanLerberghe

John Thomas is a scammer & has been for years. The only way to protect people from becoming his victim is for him to get an appropriate sentence & restitution. He stole almost $4,000 from my elderly grandmother & only did about $300 worth of work, including materials. He gets jobs with local companies & when he's at people's homes, especially the elderly who are easy prey, he talks them into allowing him to do work "on the side" & claims it will be cheaper. The company he worked for when he was sent to my grandmother was helpful in giving my mother all the information they had on him, as he wasn't working for them anymore & they were very apologetic, but it wasn't on them, he did this all on his own & used them to get to his victims. My mom got about half the money back from him & consulted with the DA & was told she'd have no luck getting the rest of it back, even if she went in with other victims & there were many at that point, one woman was owed over $10,000. This was back about 9-10 years ago. Clearly, he has a history of this & him getting off with not even a slap on his wrist won't help anyone but him.

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