Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bear

Truffles, a giant, stuffed brown bear that usually sits outside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 2225 Strand, will remain inside the sweet shop until the owner gets a permit for it to return to its bench.


People strolling along The Strand last week might have noticed the absence of one of the street’s popular characters.

Keri Heath: 409-683-5241; or on Twitter @HeathKeri.

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(15) comments

Stephen Tobleman

shame on the city of Galveston for such nonsense. The stuffed bear was an attraction

Jack Reeves

I hope the permitting process is more fair and balanced than it was 10 or 15 years ago. My wife paid a fee associated with a permit related to a small business and as she walked out the door, receipt in hand, the clerk said, "You know we aren't going to grant this". They didn't.

Laura Tacquard

Of all the things Galveston has a problem with we focus on a bear! You have stops signs you cannot see because of cars, bushes, etc. Priorities seemed to be off in a community with a growing crime rate.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Congratulations to the City of Galveston! With all the disintegrating houses, cars parked in front yards and sidewalks, RV's and Bar-B-Que trailers parked in the streets indefinitely, etc. they have managed to get this stuffed bear off a bench on the Strand. Fantastic work and demonstration of priorities!

Don Schlessinger

[thumbup][thumbup]. Just drive through San Jac neighborhood.

domenico nuckols

picking on a poor bear. Our city at it's best! not!

Mike Box

Let's celebrate the fact that the rule of law was followed and build from there. Or maybe we just build a long hierarchy of laws and then we can say "no you can't cite me for not mowing my lawn until you cite him for not repairing his siding" or "you can't arrest me for burglary until you arrest him for murder".

Debbie Gremillion

Firstly, I am glad for the new code enforcements that have helped to improve the appearance of The Strand. It is definitely aesthetically more pleasing.

But this business of the bear in front of the candy factory is ridiculous and embarrassing that the City's time and effort was wasted on it. The one thing that I have never understood is the extremely large "10 & Under" sign in front of a shop on 21st and Strand. This is far uglier and more out of compliance than a sweet stuffed bear. Why is this sign allowed and OK?

Chuck DiFalco

If Galveston denies Truffles a permit, now that would be em-bear-assing.

David Schuler

These comments showcase Galveston's problem in a nutshell. Too many people readily accept ordinance violations they don't personally object to, not realizing how impossible that makes it to fairly apply rules across the island. If it's on the books, enforce it. If you don't like the outcome, work to change the ordinance, don't try to undercut or excuse or "pfft" away violations.

Allen Flores

The city writes contracts that exempt promoters’ drinking-events from the standard rules in the Historic District. The Lone Star Rally and Mardi Gras promoters are exempt from noise ordinances, nuisance laws and residents’ rights to freely access public streets. Rules are good, they should be consistently and fairly enforced without any exceptions.

Wayne Holt

100% agree with this statement. How on earth are people supposed to feel good about rules that are enforced against individuals and businesses who are taxpayers and fixtures of the community but when someone from 1000 miles away rolls into town, the blinders come out? There is no logical, equitable reason that Galvestonians have this level of enforcement while itinerant merchants, motorcycle mobs and out-of-town drunken revelers are given the keys to the city.

Maybe the next time the marshals sweep through downtown they can catch the people defecating in the alley behind our building. Or perhaps the perps have obtained a permit from the City so they are literally "good to go".

Stephen Murphy

Every time I saw that bear, I smiled.

Don Schlessinger

I think the bear took a hit because this is the rule they are willing to enforce. Again, as said above, drive through the streets and view boats, trailers, broken autos, etc. Notice you don't see that sort of thing around Shipley's.

Dan Freeman

Never would of happened if the bear was armed.[tongue]

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