An assistant principal at Blocker Middle School in Texas City is facing administrative discipline after he arranged for two eighth graders to fight in a bathroom last week, district officials said.

The assistant principal, who the school district declined to identify, is accused of telling one student who had come to him with bullying complaints to tell another student to meet him in the bathroom to fight, according to the mother of one of the students.

After doing so, the two boys went to the bathroom and the assistant principal was waiting for them there to take control of the situation.

Texas City school district officials declined to go into more detail about the incident. The scheduled bathroom altercation was a misguided attempt by the assistant principal to catch a bully in the act and put an end to a potential fight, according to a district statement to The Daily News.

“The assistant principal’s intent was to be there to intervene so the altercation would not occur,” Melissa Tortorici, director of communications for the district, wrote in the statement.

The mother of one of the students, on the other hand, described the altercation as a “fight club” and an example of a school official not knowing how to handle bullying appropriately.

“It looks like the school is organizing fight clubs now,” Tiffany Odom said. “Why would you have a kid who was being bullied go up to the person who is trying to bully him in the bathroom? You don’t do that.

“Instead of getting both sides of the story and taking the right approach, the principal put both kids in danger and had them meet in a bathroom.”

Although the school district disagrees with Odom’s description of the incident, Tortorici wrote in the statement that the assistant principal’s actions “violated board policy and did not represent the manner in which the situation should have been handled.”

Tortorici declined to comment on the nature of the administrative discipline that was taken, citing personnel privacy and litigation concerns.

The assistant principal is still employed by the district, she said.

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Carlos Ponce

I seriously doubt there was a "fight club" at Blocker.
But in the old days if you had a problem with another student, coach would supervise a sparring match with oversized gloves and sparring masks. No one got hurt but each student would get exhausted quickly. No audience except for the coach or coaches.
By the way, girls will fight in restrooms but boys usually fight in hallways or classrooms where they have an audience. Of course there are exceptions.

Beatrice Thompson

I agree

Jose' Boix

Mr. Ponce: To add, the end, required a hand shake, if my memory serves!

Carlos Ponce

You're right, Jose' !

Rusty Schroeder

Sounds like the assistant had good intentions to teach a lesson to the accused bully. The boy who's mom is upset and got the AP suspended, is now probably being called a rat or nark among other things. Not to mention the next time he meets the bully or any of his friends outside of the school boundaries. I don't condone bullying at all, but this kid has now been put in a worse situation. I wonder how many times he has been called "mama's boy" since this incident. Couldn't pay me to work in the public school system, like Carlos said, things were handled much differently in the past. Sadly, those days and values are not common in todays schools nor kids.

Tiffany Odom

actually, the other boy was the bully and called my son the N word and wanted to fight him. When he agreed, the boy got scared and went first and reported him. The AP never even questioned my son, but rather told the boy to go back up to my son and tell him he wanted to fight him now. IF he would have questioned my son prior to this set up, he would have learned the whole truth instead of just taking the first side of the story he heard. Thank you.

Tiffany Odom

Also, what if my son would not have went to the bathroom for this fight and proceeded to fight in the hallway? Plan would have backfired and this kid that was so called "bullied" would have been in a fight all due to the AP's negligence.

Rusty Schroeder

I figured the other boy was the bully, but the article sure left out a lot of what happened. Sounds like they were trying to set up your son by this account of the story. I shake my head at how articles are written in this paper, sometimes they are more confusing than constructive. I can see why you have a reason to be concerned.

Beatrice Thompson

Sounds like he had good intentions. Rusty you had it right the first time.

Beatrice Thompson

No one sets up fight clubs in schools. That doesn’t even sound right. If someone think their child is in harms way then they should move them or homeschool them.

Jim Forsythe

Fight clubs in schools have been going on for sometime. TCISD acted quickly for a good reason.
We are no longer living in a time that children can just fight at school or bring guns. That is in the past and we have to have ways to handle these and other problems that come up. Below is a clip of one fight club and some other text about school fight clubs. If you look on line, these are just a few that has happen.


Eighth-graders in a Queens, N.Y., public elementary school recently organized a “fight club” for first-graders, beating up those who wouldn’t participate. This disgraceful episode comes at a time when many across the country are engaging in a misguided campaign to diminish the school discipline needed to ensure a nurturing and productive learning environment.

Feb 03, 2010 · The "fight club" scrap at a Queens elementary school was uncovered only after the father of one of the combatants heard his son whining that he didn't have enough fans in his corner.
A school aide at the Parkway School in Crown Heights has been accused of sicking a bully on a fourth-grader, and another aide is accused of videotaping it on her camera phone!

April 13, 2018 Teacher Reportedly Administers "Fight Club" In Connecticut High School

An Elementary School teachers accused of starting a fight club!
A pair of elementary school teachers in Louisiana bullied an 11-year-old student for months, one even telling the tormented child to “go and kill yourself,” police said.


Beatrice Thompson

Didn’t sound like there was a fight. No fight means no fight club. Just my opinion.

Jarvis Buckley

Sounds like a far fetched tale.

Dedrick Johnson

I don't care if the fight happened... or it didn't happen... There is nothing in any training manual or policy / procedural guideline that instructs the administrator to handle a bullying situation in this manner. So much could have gone wrong. Bullying is serious enough to where an administrator doesn't need to get creative and try to stop it behind the confines of nasty restroom walls, away from hallway cameras. Good intentions doesn't excuse poor judgment. I am glad the district is taking some action regarding this administrator.

Beatrice Thompson

The fight didn’t happen. Nice text book answer but I don’t agree. I need more information because it just sounds like an upset parent.

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