City officials, Mardi Gras organizers and a courtroom full of interested spectators spent all day Monday in a hearing that could determine the fate of Mardi Gras, the island’s popular pre-Lenten festival.

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DJ Alvarez

Thank you Brian Maxwell. Public safety is the risk and issue without closing off the entertainment area for Mardi Gras. I’ve seen it first hand for many years on how the bad elements circle the area until the gates open up. To say Flores is doing this solely for the taxpayers is a farce. So many organizations and groups will be adversely affected if the ruling is in his favor which is a shame. Good luck Mike!

Joe Flores


DJ Alvarez

To clarify, public safety is at risk and would be an issue if the entertainment area is not closed off for Mardi Gras. (my apologies, I needed to make my point more clearer)

Connie Patterson

I would NOT attend Mardi Gras without the current security and amenities like ample bathrooms, lighting not to mention better entertainment.


Joe Flores


Michael Moriarty

Security of the entertainment area is a function of the gate system, i.e. screening entrants. That can be done without a charge at the gate, it simply requires gates to limit entry points. The question is how is the cost funded.

The City of Galveston has a municipal police department whose purpose is to protect and serve citizens and guests of the City and this occurs day in and day out in the tourist season and without, with no apparent change in force and no "extra" cost. On a pretty Saturday afternoon in the Summer are the number of people on the island less than for Mardi Gras and, if not, why does Mardi Gras seem to require so much more "security?" Or, perhaps the real question is why is there so much less security on that sunny Sunday afternoon with the masses of visitors?

DJ Alvarez

The police department has to hire officers from other agencies to increase police presence not only in the downtown district but on the streets of Galveston as well.

John Merritt

This trial is about the Lone Star Rally, Dickens on the Strand, the Children's Festival and ArtOctober Festival. Closing streets and charging admission into an entertainment district are all affected.

Joe Flores

and they are all great as they are .... downtown businesses are negatively affected by bike rally ..... unless you sell beer !!!

Stephen Murphy

I've never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and I know there are several different locations where parades and events take place other than the French Quarter, but when there is a parade and/or Mardi Gras event in the French Quarter, are barricades installed and entry fees collected?

mark jones

Taxpayers must pay Mike Dean to enter public streets and people are happy? Motorcycle Rally stays on The Strand and people are happy? Let's go ahead and establish three more motorcycle rallys while the pan is hot.

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