A property owners association meeting of Lago Mar homeowners and developer Land Tejas on Tuesday turned into a shouting match when residents didn’t receive satisfactory answers about fees added to their end-of-year assessments.

Kathryn Eastburn: 409-683-5257; kathryn.eastburn@galvnews.com.

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Jim Casey

This kind of thing is why I would never move to a place with an HOA.

Michael Jozwiak

This is truly abuse by the HOA, especially billing for things not yet in place. (However, GCDN reporter, a "videographer" does not "film" a meeting; they RECORD it.

Karen Alberstadt

Hw can pansies, roses, geraniums, and gardenias all not be on an approved plant list? AND, an approved plant list?? Seriously?

Carlos Ponce

Let's do something nice for the HOA. How about sending them bouquets of pansies, roses, geraniums and gardenias![beam]

Leonce Thierry

I’m so happy I live on Galveston Island. Even living in a historic district, the City’s Landmark Commission and Code Enforcement officers come nothing close to this.

Aubrey Garcia

And for all this they pay a total property tax rate of almost 4%!

Carol Dean

Another HOA "Nightmare"! Here we go again!

Karen Sawyer

Looks like nothing but a money grab to me. HOA needs to be reigned in because they are currently out of control!

Kelly Naschke

This sure is bad publicity for a development that’s just getting off the ground. HOA’s are a necessary evil in many instances, this one seems unreasonable.

Erin Brucia

I am fairly certain homeowner's association meetings are not private meetings. They are public and must abide by those guidelines. When I lived in Houston our minutes were published publicly, and if meetings were filmed, they were publicly posted.

Carol Dean

I agree with you, Erin. It has been my experience in the past that most HOAs are also a lot of "bluff". Believe me, I fought an HOA in Friendswood several years ago and won! I did not spend a red cent! I simply read the law, talked to a FOI attorney and sent the HOA president running from the subdivision. Most HOAs do not take into consideration that The Constitution superceeds any HOA by-laws!

Steven Baker

HOA fee communities are not for everyone. I have had issues with mine in the past - but in theory they are here to preserve property value. But his argument about not paying for the lagoon because he will not use it - that is not how it works. He was a teacher at LMHS for decades and was paid from taxpayer dollars, some of those people did not have kids in that school. He knows that is not how it works.

Aubrey Garcia

His argument is slightly different though, because when he bought his house there was no suggestion of the now-in-progress lagoon.

Ron Shelby

Time for an actual audit of fees collected for specific use. Time for a lawsuit if they haven't been used for that in some manner.

Randy Chapman

Looks to me like Land Tejas is going down the tubes. They had to hire an outside firm to hold on to the land they will need in the future because they can't afford to pay for it now.

Dororthy Herauf

Marlow Lakes subdivision in Texas City has promised a lake nothing yet. We cannot get our HOA to replace lights.

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