Enforcement of city codes about everything from maintenance of structures, lawns and landscaping, loud noises, signs and parking, to name a few, is a perennial source of complaint and debate, which tends to oscillate between calls for more of it and calls for less of it.

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Bailey Jones

I appreciate their effort.

Richard Moore

Code Enforcement does a great job. If folks don't like the rules being enforced, address the "rule makers". Leave Code Enforcement to do their jobs!

Mary Branum

This is a "damned of you do, damned if you don't" issue. I have never seen a city where residents flagrantly violate city ordinances and have no respect for their property or their neighbors; vehicles parked in yards and on sidewalks, overgrown grass migrating and blocking drains, trash and trash cans left out for weeks, derelict structures just to name a few. The City Marshalls have a thankless job as they only deal with complaints; similar to telling a child repeatedly to pick up their toys. The police and planning departments should not be responsible for adherence to City ordinances as they have more than enough on their plate.

Bailey Jones


bryan manuele


Jack Reeves


Joe Flores

Totally agree Richard ... they are doing a GREAT job and need more of it !!!

Todd Flores

The more fair/consistent code enforcement-the better.

Joe Flores

You are so right ...and the better will revive the Historic ambiance of downtown shopping and less entertaiment district !!

Bill Cochrane

I don’t think anyone is complaining about the Marshall’s office enforcing city codes.

I do think folks are concerned about the way they go about it.

It’s not consistent. Example. One resident is given a ticket for parking his boat on the street while another resident has had his boat parked on 45th and Ave. K for years.

Another example. A person parked across the street from The Spot on the south side gets a parking ticket. But thhe 50 plus motorcycles parked in front of The Spot are not given tickets, even when they are parked on the sidewalk.

The rental place on 59th and Seawall parks surreys and bikes on the sidewalk and does not get a ticket.

As far a using a 3,500 lb. SUV to stop in the traffic lane on the Seawall and downtown to write tickets is more of a safety issue of the Marshall’s employee than an inconvenience of motorist. There has got to be a better way? 4-Wheelers equipped with parking scanners. Meter-Maids walking and using cell phones to check parking.

Why would the Marshall’s office want the liability of forcing their employees to stop in traffic and putting their lives in danger to write a parking ticket? I think that if one of the ticket writers gets hit by a car the family will ask a judge that question.

Joe Flores

We do need greater focus on enforcement and agree with Craig Brown and think Bo needs to focus on improving ambiance on the beach and downtown ... not cut expenses ... !!

Ron Shelby

We moved to the island in 1997. Areas were "trashed" because of the lack of code enforcement. Its come a long way in 23 years. Don't "back peddle".

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