Ten days after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, a group of about 30 protesters gathered in front of U.S. Rep. Randy Weber’s office in League City to call on him to resign.

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Bailey Jones


Gary Miller

Bailey. The only reason I can think of that Randy woun't run and win district 14 is if he runs for and wins a higher office. Like a senate seat.

Gary Scoggin

Are you saying he should primary Ted Cruz in 2024? Or Cornyn in 2026?

Wayne D Holt

“The right to dissent … is surely fundamental to the existence of a democratic society. That’s the right that went first in every nation that stumbled down the trail to totalitarianism.” ~Edward R. Murrow, from the days when journalism was revered~

T.W. Day

I think the liberals of this country just need to go home and take a chill pill. For four years they have been whining about Trump and any other conservative that does not agree with their liberal and anti-Constitution ideas. Just get over it and get a life.

Carlos Ponce

Randy will not resign, Randy SHOULD NOT resign.

The yappings of a handful will not change anything. I just hope they got it off their chest before they come for the rest of us. Sic semper tyrannis.

Gary Miller

Carlos> Randy will likely get more votes in 2022 because he defended Trump and Conservatives. In Texas we reward honesty.

Gary Miller

John Wayne Ferguson and the MSM ignore hundreds of sworn affidavits that witnesses say they saw election violations. They ignore election laws illegaly changed just before election day. They claim it wasn't illegal to obstruct poll watchers even where the law said they had legal right to be there. No evidence is a big lie offered by the cheaters.

Charles Douglas

Liberals say Weber should resign? Oh..but wait, Conservatives says Randy should continue to serve! Now what? Are we going to hear yall's old standby routine of screaming out that he is a BIGOT, then witness yall 's usual strategy of playing the RACE CARD off the bottom of the deck? Well bring it on! Oh ...Joe China owes me money!

Thomas Carpenter

Weber has blood on his hands. He should do the honorable thing ... oh wait, we're talking about a Cadet Bonespur sycophant. Four more days and Biden's president; no miracle, no "Wait and see" prophecies and no messages from God. What a joke.

Carlos Ponce

If you really think Randy Weber has "blood on his hands" go to the police with that accusation and see how far you will get with that unsubstantiated claim.

Carlos Ponce

30 demonstrators? Really? Randy Weber or any Republican has nothing to worry about in the 2022 mid-terms. Democrats nominating an anti petro-chemcal candidate in the last two election cycles for Representative was unwise. Adrienne Bell de-emphasized that in 2020 but it came through and she lost with a huge margin. Her policies are job killers.

David Hardee

The malcontents quote in this article fails veracity by the lowest measurement possible. No critical thinker would conclude the election process was above suspicion of conspiracy. Manipulations of the legal definitions of a valid ballot, time restriction of acceptance, verification - of signature requirements, and the massive issuing by mail to unqualified residents, nonresident, and or unregistered persons, plus harvesting each had a cumulative corruption effect. Proof of the occurrence of these corrupts exist. The total volume of these atrocities is unknown. Inordinate delays in reporting results created suspicion. And the humongous jerks and jumps in reporting were peculiar. Claims by participants and observers were rampant. And suspicion of the software and machine manipulation by the media still lingers.

Anyone that denies suspicion is irritational.

Considering all the above is known, any claim by Webber or any other person is in the realm of appropriate.

So mr. author your delusional in claim or feeling that election was beyond reproach.

Let this author put a name for the candidate against Weber

Wayne D Holt

The next step for the Deranged Left is to hang the pets of Republicans, like the witches' familiars. The rowdy tourists + Antif/BLM agitators at the Capitol looked like Ghandi acolytes compared to what went on for months across America. Consider the rugby scrum "insurrection" compared to countless videos of innocent people being beaten with boards, their businesses burned to ashes, federal buildings ransacked, LEO assaulted nightly, drivers dragged from their cars by the mostly peaceful lunatics who ran amok for the greater part of 2020.

There simply has to be too many intelligent, fair-minded Democrats who look at this spectacle and think the narrative being aired by Radio Free Pravda/MSM is anything but an insane overreaction. Please...reassure me this isn't how my Democrat friends really think.

Wayne D Holt

"The fact is you can never trust the powerful with your civil liberties. That's true about speech and that's true about all civil liberties. Power is the antagonist, not Republicans, not Democrats, and whoever has it is a danger to civil liberties if they're not restrained. And one of the restraints is in the First Amendment to the Constitution."

~Ira Glasser, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Executive Director: 1978-2001~

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