Galveston County will not join a group of city and county governments negotiating a settlement to a nationwide lawsuit against makers and distributors of prescription opioid drugs.

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Prescription Rates in Galveston County

Galveston County has reported decreasing prescription rates in recent years, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Still, Galveston County recorded higher prescription rates over a 10-year period than the average Texas County. The county is now involved in a nationwide lawsuit against drug makers and manufacturers seeking repayment from the opioid epidemic.

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
 Prescriptions per 100 people
Year Galveston County Texas
2017 70.5 53.1
2016 75.4 57.6
2015 78.9 59.8
2014 92.4 67
2013 94.6 70
2012 96.2 73.4
2011 96.9 72
2010 95.9 73
2009 96.9 71.8
2008 99.3 71.3


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(5) comments

Bailey Jones

"70.5 prescriptions per 100 people"??? This seems crazy to me. What am I missing here? (Besides an opioid prescription.)

Mary Lofaro

So 99% of people in 2008 got a prescription of some kind? That doesn't seem right.

johnferguson Staff
John Wayne Ferguson

Hi Mary, the statistic is the rate per 100 people. So in any group of 100 people in 2008, you would statistically find 99 prescriptions.

It is possible for a single person with multiple prescriptions to be reflected in those statistics.

Raymond Lewis

That still seems high. Is this all prescriptions or only opiods? Also is this the number of prescriptions or the number of pills prescribed?

Bailey Jones

I can't make the numbers add up. In one Virginia study I found, only 11% of patients received a prescription for opioids - that seems like a reasonable number. 1% of patients used opioids for chronic conditions. That would seem to imply a huge illegal prescription trade. Maybe the GCDN will do some investigative reporting into the opioid crisis in the county.

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