Two Friendswood residents mired in protracted divorce proceedings are accusing each other of wrongdoing and, with the filing of a Nov. 12 lawsuit in Harris County, have ensnared the Friendswood Police Department in the messy dissolution of the marriage.

“This is a simple divorce case,” said Allan Comstock, a Friendswood resident and a Houston police officer. “We didn’t get along and I left. What this has blown up into is crazy.”

The case most recently spilled into public view when a Houston-based consulting firm sued the Friendswood Police Department, seeking body camera footage from a disturbance call involving the Comstocks. But the underlying divorce case has been pending for more than four years, officials said.

In the years since Comstock first filed for divorce against his wife, Mindy Lee Comstock, he has faced several investigations into his job, was accused of accessing child pornography and has had to file for custody over his children, said Greg Hughes, the attorney currently representing Allan Comstock in the divorce proceedings.

In turn, officials with Dolcefino Consulting LLC, representing Mindy Lee Comstock, in a press release about the lawsuit, accused her husband of instructing Friendswood police officers in a disturbance call and said there could be potential civil rights violations.

An attorney representing Mindy Lee Comstock did not respond to two requests for comment — one last week and one this week — about the case by deadline.

The consulting firm filed suit against the Friendswood Police Department in the 55th District Court in Harris County, seeking discovery of the body camera footage from the officers who responded to a disturbance call.

But the legal team representing Allan Comstock painted a very different picture of what has happened so far.

“Beginning with the second case, I reached out and said we could settle,” Hughes said. “She had a million dollars, but it was all in trusts. He didn’t want custody, and the rest of the assets were all middle-class stuff that could have been divided. But she set out to make this cost as much as she could.”

Allan Comstock first filed for divorce against Mindy Lee Comstock in November 2014, but that ended up being short-lived because she filed for a joint nonsuit in May 2015, Hughes said. A joint nonsuit essentially means that both parties are withdrawing their pleadings and asking the case to be dismissed by the court.

But Allan Comstock hadn’t known about the nonsuit filing and asserts the signature on the forms was not his, Hughes said.

In December 2015, he filed a new divorce case, which has continued, Hughes said.

Mindy Lee Comstock several times reported domestic violence issues to the Houston Police Department that were investigated but found to not have occurred, Hughes said.

Eventually a judge approved temporary orders giving Allan Comstock custody of the two children, but Mindy Comstock stopped answering questions about their whereabouts and the judge ordered her in contempt, Hughes said.

Officers arrested Mindy Comstock on a charge of contempt of court disobedience of a court order on July 31, according to jail records. There is no criminal charge against her in district court, however, court records show.

The night of Mindy Comstock’s arrest, Allan Comstock called Friendswood police to ask for them to make a welfare check, Hughes said.

Officers responded to a residence and the Mindy Lee Comstock’s father told them the children weren’t there, before officers handcuffed him and found the children upstairs with their grandmother, Hughes said.

The judge’s temporary order gives officers the option to use reasonable efforts to enforce child custody and the grandfather was never formally arrested or charged, Hughes said.

Officials with the consulting firm representing Mindy Lee Comstock disagreed.

“You have a Houston Police Department officer who, it looks like, was using the Friendswood Police Department for his own personal gain and instructing them what he wanted to do,” said Jeff Diamant, attorney for the consulting group.

A judge in Galveston County had ordered Mindy Lee Comstock in contempt for not turning over the children for the allotted time, but there was no court order to send officers to get them, officials with the consulting group said.

“What do you say to all of this?” Allan Comstock said of the proceedings. “This is the most stress I’ve ever gone through. The worst part is watching your kids change emotionally because of all of this.”

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Jon Babara

Friendswood PD is crooked!

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