Battleship Texas

The USS Texas is shown moored in the Battleship Texas State Historic Site on March 20.


A committee of residents wanting to bring the Battleship Texas to Galveston has released a final report recommending Seawolf Park as the ideal place for the historic ship, which might be exactly the last place the organization in charge of the ship wants it berthed.

Keri Heath: 409-683-5241; or on Twitter @HeathKeri.

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David Schuler

I hope the committee has considered two issues. First, the road to Seawolf Park is barren, in poor condition and does not encourage travel. The road and immediate environment on either side would require a massive upgrade. Secondly, if you think maintenance is a challenge now with the Texas sitting in the brackish water of the ship channel, wait until she sits in Galveston's salty sea and air. In the early 2000's i kept a boat in the Galveston Yacht club for six months until i could find a slip in Clear Lake, The damage from those six months was expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Charles Wiley

David, the committee did consider these matters and more. Infrastructure capable of supporting the ship was also a consideration at each site. The bridge is slated for replacement and it’s reasonable to believe that road will be upgraded thereafter. Every entity with a stake in this matter is in favor if Seawolf Park. A national treasure such as this one should honored as such by placing it where it can be paid due respect.

Don Schlessinger

As a thirty year victim of rising property taxes on the island I think I and my fellow victims should have a say in this future boondoggle. Our city council and anyone else with decision making privileges on the island should NOT decide for us. Mr. Schuler has already given us more than one reason not to invite the Texas into our taxing system. Anyone who believes Galveston property tax victims will not have to bear the brunt of support for this great old battleship is either hung over or using mind altering drugs. BTW my vote is no.

David Schuler

To be clear, i'm in favor of the USS Texas being berthed in Galveston if the infrastructure is upgraded and the highly corrosive environment is addressed properly. I also agree with Don - since the USS Texas is a state historical entity, none of the costs involved should disproportionately fall on the citizens of Galveston and how this could be guaranteed needs to be made clear by the committee. One question to the committee - I noticed that the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi appears to be a part of the National Park Service, which i would think might bring additional resources to help in maintenance and repairs. Any chance of that happening for the USS Texas?

Greg Youngblood

In my opinion, Sea Wolf Park is the logical place to berth the Texas IF she is berthed in Galveston. Since those in charge of the ship say Sea Wolf Park is out of the question, I think berthing her in Corpus Christi, along with the Lexington, would be a better option. I can envision WAY more paying customers there as opposed to Sea Wolf Park. Wherever she is berthed, it should be in some type of dry dock facility as has been recommended in the past, but that would be very expensive and unlikely to happen.

John Merritt

I don't want my local, state or federal taxes used for this purpose. I can think of many other uses for my tax dollars.

Craig Funni

I like the idea of pier 21. The comments in the article site parking as an issue. I don't think The USS Texas will bring that many new visitors to the area, but it will bring the visitors already there to The USS Texas. Just look at how many people are going out of Galveston on a cruise, and spend a day or two in that area. In my opinion it would have all the paid visitors it needed at its dock already. As a Houstonian I have been to Galveston Island hundreds of times. and frequently stay at Harbor Houston. I can honestly say I have never been to Sea Wolfe Park. Just my thoughts, and Happy New Year

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