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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] We'll see if it works - nothing else has.

Mary Lofaro

I agree with Robert Mihovil.

Karen Sawyer

This is the stupidest thing ever!! Trying to fix stupid people that don’t have the common sense to cross at a light !!!!

Bill Sterchi


Michael Moriarty

Obviously, the "emergency" lane is not needed! That being the case, eliminate it from the remainder of Seawall Boulevard and widen the lanes and parking on the Seawall side so east bound traffic isn't dodging opening car doors! This seems like a folly!

Don Schlessinger

"A blinking light is supposed to act as a stop sign and a solid light as a stop light." The thing is MOST tourists don't have a clue how to respond to these lights. Why aren't there signs to explain them? The city placed these lights so close to the 53rd Street intersection when an unknowing victim (tourist) stops for the cross lights traffic is backed up west of the intersection. POOR PLANING! Make yourself look smart and that you care COG, replace the confusion with lights that have red/yellow/green in a sequence that human beings understand. GEEZ!

Bill Sterchi


George Laiacona

I have posted this comment in the past. Take a close look at the pedestrian crossings in Pagosa Springs ,Colorado. They have been working very well for the past ten years.

Bill Sterchi

People- tourists, commonly cross Seawall Blvd. in the middle of a block, and you want to put a "curb" in the middle of the road? Absolutely ludicrous.

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