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Carlos Ponce

Unfortunately it is a common practice among young people. I've heard of many college age students taking class or tests "online" by paying someone else to take the course or test for them usually for monetary compensation or by asking for a "favor". They boast of their "cheating the system."[crying]

Mark Aaron

From the article:

_"When confronted with the investigation, Scott admitted to taking tests for others, the report states.
“Scott states she did not think about it being wrong and she just wanted to help people"_

They might want to work on that online ethics class. I don't think they are getting through to some of their officers.

Jim Casey

This isn't new. I remember stories of people taking SAT and other such tests on behalf of students in the 1970s.
It was a lot easier then. Driver license were printed on card stock with no photo.
BTW, this story is another good lesson in why not to give your spouse material to get revenge with.

Dwight Burns

The honor system, it would seem, left the room long ago. Oh how I long for those days.

Ron Shelby

And Scott is still employed at Galveston County?...Really?

Jim Forsythe

Can a Sheriff’s Office deputies be charged with impersonating a police officer,
if they take a test,in another Sheriff’s Office deputies name?
Why are they not required to take the test at the station?

If a employer or a college wants to reduce the chance for cheating they can. 
Members of my family talk about the use of webcams for the online  classes they are taking
"Though the use a of a webcam, employees from the company can watch a student's face and computer screen as he or she​ takes the test​ Before students start the exam, they have to show their driver's license or other proof of identity."

Some other ways to catch cheating.
"Students first do typing exercises in which the computer measures the speed and rhythm of their typing. Officials can then monitor the typing in later assignments to see if the patterns match up. "
"One of the red flags is if a student's writing changes from one discussion post to the next," he says. "We also look for somebody who is doing solid B-minus work in class but then aces the exam. Those are the things we look into." 

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