A district judge in a packed courtroom Monday heard initial testimony in a legal fight that could fundamentally change how the city manages downtown festivals and parades and has inspired organizers of at least five major events to join forces.

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Stephen Murphy

I wonder which law(s) the judge will use if she denies the plaintiff's lawsuit?

Christopher Fluke

Considering that the law already allows closure for Mardi Gras, and an entrance fee, it should be pretty simple.

Joe Flores


Stephen Murphy

Those are municipal codes. If I remember civics, a city ordinance cannot supersede a state or federal law, so the question is are there state and/or federal laws that give authority to a state municipalities to close public streets for third parties to hold parties and charge admission? If it was up to Greg Abbot, he would "ban across the board" municipal regulations.

Christopher Fluke

Municipal codes are laws, which is what you asked. One would hope that the lawyers for the City of Galveston did their due-diligence when approving the language used. If they did their due-diligence correctly, the question would then be, what laws would the Judge use that supersede, or negate, the local law (if she sides with plaintiff) or the City could/should have their their lawyers show what they used that led them to allow the ordinance be written in the first place.

Lisa Lomz

The closing public streets argument is weak. If AF got off the island, he would know they close 90 in Flatonia for Chilispiel, downtown Wortham for Bluesfest, and another event on the square in Kingsland. Closing public streets for special events is common practice across the state.

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