Buddy the pot-bellied pig has lived in the yard of a house on Ibis Drive for 10 years.

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Bill Sterchi

Let the pig stay. Would rather have him for a neighbor than the complainers. My favorite phrase - "You're not from here, are ya?" somehow comes to mind.

Kenneth Diestler

One of the problems you get into when you have an abundance of laws then try to choose which ones you enforce and which ones you ignore--see the border, see sanctuary cities, see government fraud and irregularities never prosecuted.

Sounds similar to the people who move to a house near the airport then start petitions trying to close the airport due to normal airport noise. Also seems to negate the spirit of "neighbors"...move in and start complaining.

Darlene Luedtke

Let the pig stay!!! What’s the big deal? It would be okay for them too have a dog right? Not much of a difference there except for one barks and the other one likes to make cute snorting sounds. Let alone the pig, his family and get a grip instead of a gripe.

Joanie Steinhaus

Sounds like the pig is a therapy animal and should be allowed to stay.

Carlos Ponce

"The Mestanases said the pig smells and they had rats in their house when they moved in, which they worry were attracted by the pig food next door, she said.'

So... they bought a house and didn't notice a problem until after they moved in?

Walter Dannenmaier

Ibis Drive? Wow, this year they may notice there is a lot of tourist traffic in the summer and there is a cemetery nearby.

Connie Biela

I’d rather live next door to the pig. These people are not very good neighbors.

Diane Turski

Several years ago a friend of mine had a pot bellied pig as a pet and it was a wonderful pet! I agree that Buddy should be "grandfathered in" as a service animal for her son. As far as the new neighbors' complaints, the concept of elitist gentrification springs to mind.

Don Schlessinger

If we can coexist with coyotes why can't we coexist with pot-bellied pigs?

Ron Binkley

See what happens when new folks move into a neighborhood and try to change everything? An old lawyer friend of mine told once me that a "deed restriction is voided when it is broken openly for a certain period of time and no one objects". He defined "certain amount of time" is pretty much one year. I would think that if the buyer toured the home for sale, walked in the back yard they would have smelled pig if it really was that bad and said something then I say......let Buddy stay!!

Heather Hearn

I’ve known Kyle Dodge most of his life and he is one of the kindest and most sensitive people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Buddy is his best and only friend, as well as an emotional support animal in the very manner in which the definition was intended.

It’s shameful that the city of Galveston can’t find some way to override a senseless ordinance that is outdated, protects no one, and only hurts the very people we should be nurturing.

Pot-bellied pigs don’t bark. They don’t jump the fence to defecate in the neighbor’s garden. They don’t kill birds. They don’t smell. They don’t need much room since they mostly eat and sleep, certainly not five acres! They’re able to show affection much like a dog.

They are not livestock, they are pets, and pretty harmless ones at that. I sincerely hope that some solution can be found that will allow Buddy to live out his remaining time with Kyle. Moving an elderly pig while hurting a sensitive young man is a mistake and a bad look for this city.

Charlotte O'rourke

Where in the ordinances is a pet - in this case a pot bellied pig - excluded from a R-1 residence property?

Agriculture/farming is limited, but not pets. Some pot bellied pigs live inside.

So I’m confused, what specific ordinance is being questioned?

Charlotte O'rourke

Pot bellied pigs are not livestock.

Bill Sterchi

WELL DONE CHARLOTTE!!!!! I'm so very pleased you came up with this - hopefully, they will take the several nuances of this article to Court here and display just how stupid this whole mess really is.

Charlotte O'rourke

Thanks Bill. Hopefully the court will see that the Land Development Regulations (LDR) weren’t implemented until 2015. The pet should have been grandfathered. But the LDR doesn’t restrict pet pigs …. It only restricts livestock. My fingers are crossed that the pet can stay.

Marty Fluke

Keep Buddy!!!

Lizzie Tish

[smile] GREAT find, Charlotte!! Let Buddy stay in his home with his family!

Terry Moore

New neighbors always come in trying to run the neighborhood. We had one and just ignored them over trivial things. Dust finally settled. That beloved pet needs to stay!

Leigh Gottlob-Cowart

All of the above comments are in favor of letting the pet pig stay. Throw my hat in that ring. Let the pig stay!!

Louis Wortham

Pot bellied pigs were very popular pets in Galveston in the late 1980s. Owners had a demonstration on the seawall in their favor as very intelligent, clean, affectionate indoor pets and great companions. I lived in Galveston with Helga the House Hog until the late 1990s. At that time she was considered a pet and the City had no problem with her living in town. When they become farm animals? They are exotic pets and would not thrive in a farm environment. Let Buddy stay and continue his work being a support friend for his best friend.

Carrie Wortham

Lisa Keeler

Where do I sign the petition. Let the pig stay!

Can't the pig be given emotional support documentation? He is most definitely the textbook example of one.

If the smell, flies, and mice are so bad, how did the new neighbors not notice it when they were looking at the house to buy it?

Lisa Windsor

There's a bad smell in that neighborhood and it isn't the pig. I owned a pot-bellied pig for seven years-in Houston! His name was Truffles and he was my baby. PBP are considered mini-pigs even though they can weigh 300+ lbs. Truffie was talkative, playful, affectionate, and very smart. Training him was a breeze. He usually picked up skills on the first try, much faster than my border collie. He used a litter box, walked on a leash, and loved his kiddie pool. Pigs don't have fleas, but they will root up your garden. Males grow tusks and hooves must be trimmed. I had a hard time finding a vet that treated livestock. Rats do love pig feed, but a metal container will solve that problem. I wanted to get another PBP when I moved to the island but I decided against it when I read the city ordinance. I still miss that sweet boy.

Bill Sterchi

Linda, read the Court Ruling from up in Spring that Charlotte posted. It's worth reading - for "Pig's" sake!!! Hahahaha

Paul Steele

Please don’t defund the pig.

Ron Shelby

I hope they can find a way to keep buddy under some sort of legal exemption. He sounds like he's well kept to minimize any annoyance and is clearly needed.

Jim Funkhouser

Flies? We’re in Galveston - it’s tropical - we have flies!

Bailey Jones

IKR? Put up some fly traps.

Larry Grissom

So these people bought a house FULL WELL KNOWING their next door neighbors had the they want it gone.

Sorry but they should have bought somewhere else, and since they KNEW about farm animals, they knew what it would be like living close to one.

They need to go live with other newbies, like Mr. Flores who put in a business downtown and then tried to stop the downtown events. This has to stop.

Don’t like the way this Cityis ran? Don’t move here or put a business in. Pretty simple actually.

Besides a Pot Belly pig is a pet. Not a farm animal. Next these type of people will come after our dogs.

Carlos Ponce

This episode reminds me of an old BC (2003) comic strip.

A man walks into an outhouse then slams the door.

He then asks, "Is it me, or does something stink in here."

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