A Galveston County woman is suing Moody Gardens, asserting she was injured on an ice slide in January.

Houston attorney David Mestemaker filed the lawsuit on behalf of Connie Wilson on June 5 in the 212th District Court against Moody Gardens, seeking about $150,000 in damages, court records show.

Wilson in January was visiting the Galveston nonprofit, which operates the amusement and education complex on Offatts Bayou, with her partner and children, one of whom has special needs, according to court records.

Wilson asked to go down an ice slide first so she could be waiting at the bottom when the child with special needs arrived, the lawsuit asserts. An employee told her it was safe to use the slide.

But as Wilson neared the bottom, she noticed a group of children near the exit with no employees nearby and tore her knee when it caught on the ice as she tried to prevent a collision, according to the lawsuit.

Then, before she could get off the slide, the employee at the top sent down her child on top of her, the lawsuit asserts.

The defendant has not yet responded to the lawsuit, court records show.


The legal quagmire continuing to engulf one of the area’s most upscale waterfront communities has expanded with the recent news that the current owner of the property is suing a previous owner, asserting it was misled about several aspects of the exchange.

Attorney Brian Kilpatrick filed the lawsuit representing Harborwalk Resort LP on Monday in the 56th District Court against Flamingo Isles Marina LP, Flamingo Isles GP LLC, HD Flamingo Isles Holdings Ltd., HDFI Land Holdings and Haythem Dawlett, seeking more than $1 million in relief, court records show.

Harborwalk Resort is a limited partnership that owns the area and reached an agreement with Flamingo Marina in May 2018, the lawsuit asserts.

But representatives of the limited partnership made the agreement because the defendants promised to fix several issues related to the marina, the lawsuit asserts. And the original owners didn’t address several other issues.

This is the second lawsuit filed in recent months over the upscale waterfront community.

The defendants have not yet responded to the lawsuit, court records show.


A man is suing a former business partner and several related businesses and holding companies, seeking between $100,000 and $200,000 in damages over what he asserts were untruths that led to him to contribute money.

Houston attorney David Kirby filed the lawsuit on June 5 in the 405th District Court on behalf of Ronald Masters against James Pinzino, B’Life LLC, JBL Holdings Group LLC, JPA Holdings LLC and The Tavern-Frisco LLC, court records show.

The lawsuit filings don’t say, specifically, why the case was filed in Galveston County courts, except that the issues largely occurred in the area, court records show. But many of the listed defendants have addresses outside of the county.

Masters first met Pinzino in 2014, during which Pinzino convinced Masters to invest in a children’s energy drink called B’Life through a holding company called JPA, according to the lawsuit.

Pinzino then sold Masters a 50 percent equity in May 2014 for $25,000, court records show. Masters would continue to make contributions to JPA over the next few years, including $2,500 in July 2015, $4,500 in September 2015 and $18,000 in April 2018, the lawsuit asserts.

Despite Masters’ contributions, he has never received money from the enterprise, according to the lawsuit.

“What has become clear over this course of dealings with Pinzino is that JPA is nothing more than Pinzino’s personal embezzlement vehicle, from which he withdraws funds for his individual use and gain,” the lawsuit asserts. “For example, on at least one occasion a cashier’s check was issued from JPA’s account to pay back rent on Pinzino’s Frisco apartment.”

The defendants have not yet responded to the lawsuit, court records show.

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