Airport officials look to increase revenue

Gilbert Muñoz, operations director at Scholes International Airport in Galveston, directs a plane arriving from Alabama on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020.


Scholes International Airport managers are assessing whether they should work to accommodate regularly scheduled commercial flights of cruise passengers — and what it would take to pull that off.

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Ron Woody

This should be a no brainer. While tourism maybe the primary reason business travel would supplement the volume.

Congressman Weber are you paying attention.

Given that it took over a decade to spend monies from Hurricane Ike as excited as I may get for commercial flights, I am not holding my breath.

Chris Donatelle

XOjets and other member/charter companies are ready to go and uses local FBO's it would not need a new terminal.

Disney cruise lines will be here in November/December)

However, this is Galveston ... WE ARE ON "ISLAND TIME" :)

Emilio Nicolas

Great example of "Island Time": “We’re hearing informally out there from the cruise lines, but once we open up the spots at Terminals 1 and 2, then we’ll know definitely,” Brown said. DUH! Maybe if you build it they will come ... too proactive???

Bobby Pope

The locals will be against this. They are against any thing that generates money to help pay for city services which help the locals pay less out of pocket for better city services. I'm guessing the ones complaining started out as tourist then moved down here. The city needs to show income form occupancy taxes, income from the sporting goods and restaurants. With out that there would either be a decrease in city services or revenue would have to come from the citizens

Michelle Aycoth

Galveston will say no.

Andy Aycoth

Noel Spencer

I am hoping this works out, sooner rather than later.

Walter Dannenmaier

It would be a delight to see as much as a few shuttle flights a day from Galveston to IAH. I am old enough to remember flying from Ellington Field to IAH and also flying from Hobby to IAH. If an inquiring journalist (WILL NEVER HAPPEN) wanted to investigate the construction on I-45 that has NEVER CEASED in the 33 years I have been on the island, I strongly suspect that $30 million would be nothing compared to what is spent on I-45.

Ron Binkley

Didn't Continental and American fly in and out of Galveston at one time?

Mark Wyant

30 million is a joke to put in a small terminal space large enough to handle what would be 30 pax Barbie Jets aka Embraer aircraft that this would service. And what taxiways would be needed? There is already plenty of room between the old original terminal and the hangar space. Tell you what.... I will build it for 25 million.

Robert Braeking

The 6001 foot concrete runway is limited to commuter airlines. At one time, before TSA, there was an air shuttle between IAH and HOU. That could be extended to include GLS. Are Galveston residents ready for regular flights? The naysayers will have some excuse.

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