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George Caros

Hope to get the project moving we don't need another disaster like Ike

Jeff Patterson

Thanks John for your article. The title is very clever. Galveston missed the chance to build bay side protection after Hurricane Carla, and it would be real shame to miss this opportunity. Just to clarify my comment, the area inside the ring barrier provides for 50% of the damage reduction benefits. The numbers quoted are being updated by the Corps, but illustrate the large benefit provided by area protected by the ring barrier. Brian Harper is correct that a ring barrier height of 14' above sea level does not provide full protection against every storm event...the Corps says it would need to be 18' above sea level to do that without the gates at Bolivar Roads and sand and dune system on Bolivar Peninsula and west of the Seawall....but building it sooner rather than later still provides significant protection to the eastern half of Galveston, and also accelerates Galveston's move to a pump-supplemented storm drainage system, which we desperately need.

Gary Miller

The storm levee around TC and LM has performed well. The pump system is the weakest part of the storm protection. Only one, south of TC, station pumps flood water into the bay. Both the other pump station recycle flood waters to Moses lake which backs up into low areas of TC during heavy rains. Some properties flood after big rain events because no way to get water out of Moses lake into the bay was provided. If a Ring levee with pumping is built around Galveston it must be remembered that storms aren't the only cause of flooding. Big rains happen more often than Hurricanes.

Charlotte O'rourke

“Big rains happen more often than Hurricanes.“. I agree. As a layperson that was my concern as well as the massive storm surges that could come over the Seawall. I would like to hear more from experienced engineers and individuals on this subject. Anyone?

This is a perfect example of interested individuals forming a group and presenting a different proposal to public entities and the public. It makes me want to remind all public entities/public servants that their role is NOT to shut off dissension and discussion on other proposals and ideas (e.g. best proposal on protecting Galveston, VIP parking, options on land use, financial ROIs, or any other subject on any board or committee or group), but to listen to everyone and then vote making an informed decision.

Ms. Beeton hasn’t given up her rights to be a voice of dissension and concern on subjects that impact her board (port), and she SHOULDN’T. Nor should anyone else.

Individual rights are important for everyone and should be protected for everyone.

I look forward to hearing and reading more on this important topic of protecting Galveston and our geographic area from weather events.

Michelle Aycoth

I doubt any of the Ike Dike will ever be built and Galveston will get swamped again within 10 years.

Talking never has built anything.

Andrew Aycoth

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