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Jim Forsythe

In 2016 $46,068,858 was collected from the $2 fee. $14,912,006 was appropriated to Automobile Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority.
The rest, $31,156,852 was diverted to General Revenue. Why was this allowed to happen?

Judy Hansen

That is a very good question and one that we have been asking for years. We have been fighting this diversion of funds since 1997. I would highly suggest you contact your legislator about this issue.

If you or anyone wants more information please feel free to contact me direct at tommy.hansen@co.galveston.tx.us

Lt. Tommy Hansen
Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Judy Hansen

The attached clearly shows that just since 2012 over $171 million dollars collected on insurance policies to combat vehicle crimes was diverted via the appropriations process to the General Revenue fund and not for ABTPA Law Enforcement purposes. Officers representing Law Enforcement statewide as well as the Insurance Industry and been fighting to stop this for many years with many trips to the Capitol. The fight will continue. Lt. Tommy Hansen, tommy.hansen@co.galveston.tx.us

ABTPA Collection Versus Appropriations
2012 to 2016
Fiscal Year Assessment Collected Amount Appropriated Amount Diverted to GR
2012 $39,434,530 $14,911,870 $24,522,660
2013 $40,249,786 $14,911,870 $25,337,916
2014 $42,796,154 $14,904,341 $27,891,813
2015 $44,563,043 $14,904,340 $29,658,703
2016 $46,068,858 $14,919,822 $31,156,852
2017 $48,000,000 $14,919,822 $33,080,178
Total $261,112,371 Estimated $89,472,065 $171,648,122 Estimated

Marc Edelman

What a sad comment about the Great State of Texas. I believe we are the greatest state in the union. However, things like this make me just shake my head.

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