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Wayne Holt

The port could make $500,000 annually from this VIP lot? With that revenue, they could pay the City the $300,000 in recently renegotiated payments and still have enough left over for a cup of coffee and a Danish.

Debbie Gremillion

Thank you, Jami Fairley, for going to bat for us who work at the cruise terminals. Not only is Jami an excellent terminal operations manager, she is a genuine supervisor who always has her employees best interests at heart. It is disheartening that the Wharves Board would expect us to walk 9 blocks to work in all sorts of weather, and ultimately pay for our own parking. We are a majority of retirees, and this burden coupled with the fact that we only earn an average of $150/week is deflating. Add into the equation that if in fact the Port were to generate $500,000 yearly on VIP parking, don't you think the City is going to want to tap into that as well???

Miceal O'Laochdha

Is it possible that once again the port director has failed to read a contract?

Don Schlessinger

Seems to me the port director has failed to consider employees of the port system all together. Maybe Florida would be a better place for him after all.

David Schuler

No rational place where I've ever worked would tolerate a nine-hour meeting.

Charlotte O'rourke

The port board must approve plans, policies, funding and contracts. Approving automation funding for parking does not negate the requirement for board approval of a controversial VIP parking plan and changing of contractual requirements.

Is the board really going to continue to pretend that deciding to move cruise essential personnel against a contractual obligation and requiring paid parking for port workers is a day to day type of operational decision that the board itself MUST avoid to prevent undermining the port staff (who are telling workers they must move and pay)?

It’s hard for some individuals to admit a mistake. It’s easier to shoot the messengers. These messengers are some of the 4,000 direct port workers that service the port. They deserve better than hearing misinformation and misdirection. I didn’t see the majority of the meeting including the workers comments ... the port’s new streaming system had some technical glitches. Thanks to the cruise essential workers for having the courage to speak up.

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