After years of pushback from residents, nonprofit conservationist organization Artist Boat will be forced to move headquarters next month after a Thursday vote by the city council booted it off its Avenue O location.

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David Schuler

I am very disappointed that my councilperson voted in favor of the PUD, nee SUP.

Lisa Blair

Your councilperson did a good job of applying the rules fairly. Like them or not, as long as PUDs are in the toolbox they need to be used fairly across the board.

Leigh Cowart

I'm disappointed that the council people that live in the neighborhood were allowed to vote. They should have recused themselves, imo.

Bill Broussard

They also need to be used as they are written and for the purpose they were designed for— to create value for the neighborhood and with the discretion of the existing neighbors. AB came to the podium with neither

If you want your SUP back lean over to your right the next planning commission and ask the guy who took SUP away for it back

Anyone who voted for this abortive attemp to corrupt a PUD either is grossly mistaken or like you simply does not care about residents and neighborhoods or simply cannot read

My bet is that half the council who voted “for” did so out of sympathy for the great work AB does and not the rule of law—-certainly not for the consistency you set cause AB came to the podium looking like a train wreck compared with what the PUD requires to be a PUD application

Lisa Blair

“To create value for the existing neighborhood and at the discretion of the existing neighbors”? Where’s that in the LDR, Bill? My copy says “ Division 4.100 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENTS
The Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay District is a special overlay zone that allows flexibility in development standards that are approved for specific uses on a specific site. Any deviations for the standards established in these regulations must be incorporated into a PUD plan and an ordinance amending the zoning. The PUD plan shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission and approved by the City Council.

Don Schlessinger

"It’s a whole different thing when the neighbors, the residency, the people who have invested their money and time is against something. ”The CC, and PC should listen to Amy Bly." Residents, property tax paying citizens, should not have to say NIMBY, it should be understood neighborhoods are for families not Artist Boat or anything like them.

Lisa Blair

R-1 are not zoned for strictly residential homes, that’s R-0. R-1 allows for civic organizations, churches etc. that are complimentary to the neighborhood. You can’t let the approval of the nearby property owners be the only determining factor. Would you like for your neighbors to get to decide how you use your property?

Don Schlessinger

" R-1 allows for civic organizations, churches etc. that are complimentary to the neighborhood." Key word COMPLIMENTARY, obviously the neighbors didn't consider the Artist Boat complimentary, I agree. The Artist Boat wasn't a neighbor, they were a problem.

Comment deleted.
Lisa Blair

Keep it classy, Bill. True to form.

Mike Box

Yes! Isn't that the idea behind zoning??

George Croix

So, what happens if the next people to take up actual residence in the place are a family of 8 kayaking enthusiasts who have a different kind of craft for each type water conditions or activity, and store a couple dozen on site.

Well, never mind...just an abstract thought.....

Allison Buchtien

Haha! Right?! [lol]

Don Schlessinger

Great question George. If a new neighbor moves in with canoes that's fine if he is the PROPERTY owner. Seems to me he has a right to do what he wants with it. If his neighbors don't like it he will have to deal with them, not the CC or PC.

George Croix

I meant property owner, Don, just failed to be specific....I've never rented so just sorta automatically default to ownership.
I live in a nice home in an older part of town, with few restrictions other than no livestock, precisely because I plan to live here until they box me up. So I don't care to have a self-important committee of anybody telling me what I can or can't do on land I bought and paid for myself.
If any new neighbor ever doesn't like my trailers stored neatly of the pad designed for that, I have a place picked out on my rear end for them to plant a big wet one.....[beam][beam]
But, then I also do not live in a historic district, nor would ever want to....history is a great place to visit, but I never wanted to live there....[wink]

Bill Broussard

Oh, btw: Ask yourself what does the AB PUD nd the Marina PUD have in common?

To help you out a bit cause history would suggest the planning commission cannot figure that out, the answer is ..........Nothing!

The marine actually approximates a PUD

John Merritt

I have a neighbor whom is operating a car repair shop around the corner from our house, without the permitting, and we have complained several times. He is still over there with cars in disrepair all over the place operating his shop. This case just happened to receive a very high profile. If we are going to enforce codes, lets get going and enforce them. I have neighbors who are parking in their yards all over the place, start writing them tickets. It is very sad that Artist Boat is getting the receiving end of very selective code enforcement.

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