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Bill Cochrane

Oh come on now. The Porretto issue is not about “rights of way”. It’s not about anything except certain people that are against development. These people do not want a world class boardwalk development because it “will block the public’s view of the beach.” Are the sight police that powerful? Who are the people that are against this tax paying development? I assume they want to either leave the land vacant with very little property taxes, or, have the city take it over with no property taxes. All because, boo hoo, I can’t see the water. What a shame the city council would again allow a few sight fanatics rule development on Galveston Island.

Kelly Naschke

AMEN Bill!! The undeveloped eyesore days of Galveston need to disappear. Let’s replace the crackheads and streetwalking hookers of the past with shoppers carrying bags and heading to restaurants of the future. For far too long Porretto Beach has been the weak link in the Seawall chain. Not to mention, this whole “easement “ is nothing more than an attempt to usurp private land rights by the “anti-move Galveston forward crowd”. Porretto bought the property...paid taxes....and owns it. The city needs to get out of the way. It’s also a valid argument that the city lost the documents related to releasing the easements. I don’t know how many of you have experienced the morass of inefficiency that used to be city Hall...but for those that have...lost documents were almost EXPECTED.

Don Schlessinger

Hmm, I'll vote for my beach views, and we should have a chance to vote on the question.

Gary Miller

Has Galveston failed to collect taxes on something so valuable it can stop development? The sight of the water? If it has enough value to property owners to stop a development that would contribute taxes should not that sight of the water be taxed to make up the loss of money from stopping the beach front development?

Gary Miller

Bill C. I suspect the view of the water would become worthless just as soon as the city decided to tax it.

Lisa Blair

If you want an unobstructed beach view, buy one!

Susan Fennewald

The problem with that is that Galveston relies on its beach to provide its "open space". Galveston has almost no parkland east of 61st st (about 1 acre/10K instead of 14/10K that League city has) and relies on the beachfront to provide the open space for its urban core. Its the equivalent of New York's Central Park (or perhaps Houston's Memorial Park). It's almost impossible to buy parkland once there are residents in the area, so Galveston won't be able to provide more parkland in the future.

Don Schlessinger

Susan, this project isn't abut Galveston's citizens and the park space here or anywhere else, it's about the battle between greed and common sense, and greed always wins. I know of two council members that might vote for the residents. Mr. Maceo and his friends will have this new hotel residents be damned.

Susan Fennewald

The project reminds me of Murdoch's - which as we all know was turned into kindling by Hurricane Ike. Will this project qualify for federal flood insurance? If so, we should all oppose it.

Also, if they build there - they'll have a view, but they won't have a beach. The space is so small that the beach will be VERY small.

Gary Miller

Board walks are instead of beach. A way to access venues without wading threw sand dunes.

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