It’s the holiday season and that means holiday spending, but for many local businesses, online shopping is cutting into their sales and changing the way they do business.

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Paul R Heinrich

I hate shopping. I already know what I want. Why would I want to deal with crowds and finding a place to park. Shopping from store to store is entertainment for some people, but not me. I place my order on Amazon and I have it delivered to my address. I see no reason to go from store to store and aisle to aisle.

Bailey Jones

Amazon is like the Sears catalog 100 years ago.

Michael Bailey

I don't shop downtown because I have to pay to park, and I already pay taxes for streets. City Hall should provide a 2 hour parking pass for locals. Else I shop local where there is FREE parking, or online.

Bailey Jones

I think parking is free on Sundays, not sure about Saturday. But I often go downtown during the day to get my Galveston Coffee - free parking isn't hard to find.

Mary Branum

There is plenty of free parking; just walk an extra block or two. Free parking on Sunday. Support local business.

Kelly Naschke

One thing some of these small business owners should consider is keeping their political opinions off of social media. Myself and my spouse have chosen to not support one of the owners mentioned in this article thanks to Facebook posts. There are ramifications for creating divides among your clientele...especially when you are in such a small pond.

Anne Reiswerg

I love shopping local and I am not on Facebook. You should try it Kelly. You might be happier.

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