Convention holds that the two things you don’t discuss in polite company are religion and politics.

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Diane Turski

I support teaching civics in schools and encouraging students to register to vote. Politics are an integral part of history and rational political discussions contribute to developing critical thinking skills. Our democracy needs educated and engaged citizens! Voting is the most valuable tool that citizens possess in order to influence how their government will impact their lives.

Bailey Jones

I agree. I think students should be automatically registered during their senior year - they're all together in one place, their residency and citizenship are known - it just makes sense, rather than loosing them into the world and hoping they register themselves.

Michelle Aycoth

Teachers need to teach not indoctrinate. Why do kids think Socialism is good and there is only one view of the environment ?

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

lol - you know Carlos was a teacher, right?

Carlos Ponce

Coach Cliburn has "Feb. 10th" on his white board. I've been archiving news articles from the Galveston News, The Texas City Sun, the Bulletin at the museum by chronological order. So the wrong date in the caption was noticeable.

Bailey Jones

I'd like to see more of this. Not just civics, but teaching the history of American politics and the skills required for critical thinking. I wish schools would hold mock elections during national election cycles so kids can get used to the idea of helping to decide who will be deciding their futures.

Ray Taft

“...so kids can get used to the idea of helping to decide who will be deciding their futures.” That’s a terrible statement, and that’s why Trump is president.

Americans don’t want Democrat/establishment/RINO politicians “deciding their futures” or their rights. Our futures are in our own hands by the grace of God. Our rights are from God and enshrined in our Constitution.

Vote for Trump to Drain the Swamp and to Keep America Great. That’s all anyone needs to know!

Carlos Ponce

Wonderful article but the captions read "Monday, Feb. 20, 2020".

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