The city of La Marque is destroying more than 20 dilapidated houses or structures before October as part of an initiative to clean up blight around the city.

La Marque City Council recently approved a $131,900 contract with Houston-based Grant Mackay Demolition to demolish and clear 21 properties. The city is paying for the demolition from its Capital Improvements Fund. The city has requested the demolitions be completed by Sept. 30.

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(5) comments

Robert Buckner

21 is a start

Mary Branum

Need to do the same in Galveston; long overdue.

Mike Trube

Unless that list of houses was changed, 99% of those houses are located in district A. That's Mr Bell's district. And those houses were all located between 1765 and Cedar Dr. And, it was the intention for the city to pay developers $1,500 per lot to build houses that are valued at $150,000 and up so hopefully doctors and lawyers would move into them.....according to Mr Bell was on that committee and spoke before council on the committee's behalf. As I said, unless the list has changed, this will only truly benefit district A. But yet Mr Bell doesn't even live in that district. Seems hardly fair to the rest of the city. And I do not see doctors and lawyers moving into that district in that part of the city. You can tear down as many houses as you have money for, but will anyone move into such a trashy town as this? Since city employees only work 4 hours on Fridays, why not have them spend that time picking up trash? Something has GOT to be done about all the trash! I'm so tired of not being able to drive anywhere without seeing trash in the streets and ROWs. It would help if more ordinances were enforced. But like the saying can put lipstick on a pig....but it's still a pig.


Johnny Smith

(2) years ago one of these houses were torn down on Maple. Now there is an over grown lot that looks worse than when the house was standing. Be careful on what you hope for.

Mike Trube

What has to be considered is, once the houses are down, like you said Johnny, the lot becomes overgrown and usually stays that way. How many times would the city have more into mowing fees than the lot is worth? Is this really rational thinking? Does this kind of business cause the city to lose money? How many property owners pay up for the mowing fees? We can't tell because the city administration no longer gives reports(in the council packets)on revenues and expenditures. What are they hiding? As taxpayers we have a right to know what goes out and what comes in. I guess they think what we don't know won't hurt us. They are wrong. When a city isn't truly transparent, that could lead citizens to wonder just where is the money coming from and where it is going. I have grave concerns about the financial standing of this city. People need to wake up. Just my opinion of course.


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