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Wayne D Holt

Galveston residents and businesses should stop for a moment and take a long look at what is going on here. In a truly representative government, such concerted opposition to the way the City does business would warrant some soul searching and a desire to bring everyone together to work out an acceptable compromise.

Instead, the City is willing to spend a third of the entire take of Mardi Gras on legal fees to shove their position down the community's throat, like it or not.

What is going on here is endemic world wide: governments that claim to represent the people they are supposed to be serving while they use a sledge hammer to beat the population into submission to their own plans.

There is an election coming up for council district and mayoral positions. I suggest people begin to ask those who seek these offices very specifically what their position is regarding the way the City conducts these events. I am not going to support any "representative" who fails to take these concerns seriously and makes a clear statement about what needs to be done to meet the needs of ALL of the community. Enough is enough.

mark jones

It can't be legal to spend $90,000 in property taxes for a good ol' boy deal for attracting drunks to the downtown. They hired attorneys to continue losing $250,000 in hotel taxes that are meant for conventions, so Mike dean can profit while businesses are closed from him putting vendors near them. Thanks Mr. Dean. Only in Galveston. The city council is fighting against taxpayers with taxpayer money to subsidize Mike Dean's profits. Spending $90,000 in taxes to fight for Mike Dean's charging of citizens to enter public streets is unbelievable.

Kristen Stephens

The Strand is not safe downtown during Mardi Gras, so my family goes to the Strand. I read it cost $50,000 to have parades on the Seawall so wouldn’t it be smarter to spend only $50,000 downtown? The city is spending $90,000 to loose $256,000. Why?

Kristen Stephens

It’s not safe downtown with the street parties so my family stays away from The Strand. They go to Seawall for free parades. The city spends just $50,000 for parades on Seawall, so wouldn’t it be smarter to spend only $50,000 on The Strand also? Why would any city official spend $90,000 in taxes to lose $255,000 in taxes?

mark jones

Going forward, the city council should require written consent from merchants and citizens on The Strand before placing vendor booths in parking spaces that the public should be able to use.

Don Schlessinger

Going forward, we Islanders should be able to vote on this problem. Our city council is full of business owners, do you really think they care about what you think?

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