In a bid to simplify and coordinate planning and funding of major drainage improvement projects, Galveston County Commissioner Ken Clark is publicly stumping for a new, nearly county-wide drainage district.

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Rusty Schroeder

I am starting to wonder who Joe Giusti is representing, because I never hear comments from him and it seems he's worried more about other precincts than his own. FYI, Commissioner, we have some major issues in our own precinct that are in need of flood control also. Draining Cloud bayou to Hall's Bayou is needed as well as the mess the state has made of FM 646 between 1764 and 517. Then there is the water on 1764 from E 1/2 to J, and with the new elementary school being built it is only going to get worse. Anytime you want to schedule a town hall meeting about drainage in your precinct, I can promise you there will be a full house.

Donald Glywasky

The deadline to submit a bill to the Legislative Council is tomorrow. This idea is late

Rusty Schroeder

Well Don I guess that's business as usual now at our old employer. You know what else is late ? Finding out who gave away over $500K to a Nigerian Con Man. :(

Chuck DiFalco

A new Galveston County drainage district? Well then to whom have I been paying county "road and flood" property taxes all these years? RFL - Co Road & Flood

Don Schlessinger

If the island is connected to the mainland by nothing more than a bridge why would we be included in a Galveston County drainage district?

Paul Hyatt

Here is Hitchcock we wonder if anyone is looking Highland Bayou. It is so clogged up nothing is moving in that bayou.

Rusty Schroeder

Well, who is your County Commissioner Paul ? I have never heard of Highland Bayou discussed either. Just Dickinson Bayou and Clear Creek, and a couple bayous (Gum and Benson) as well as Benson's Gully, that the city of Dickinson is working on.

Paul Hyatt

The commissioners do not care about Hitchcock as our town is in a mess. What is amazing is all of the homes that are being built in LaMarque and they drain straight into our bayou.... None of them are talking about dredging the drainage canal that run through Hitchcock as it has not been cleaned out since it was built....

Jarvis Buckley

County should be commended for wanting to establish Drainage District .a realistic way to help flooding in
Galveston county. Most everyone knows this coastal barrier proposal
Will never come to fruition .
I hate to be negative about this issue but in my opinion it just will never happen.

Jarvis Buckley

Also I don't believe Boliver will switch county's . Galveston County a great county.
I don't think the Park Board will get the necessary funding to build the controversial 25 million dollar
Pavilion . The city leaders , apparently doesn't believe this is a wise expenditure for Galveston taxpayers. My opinion is they are correct. Time to move on. Repair &
Maintain existing building.

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