Operators of nonprofit regional theaters such as Galveston’s 1894 Grand Opera House plan to seek legislative protection against brokers who buy up blocks of tickets to resell at huge markups.

The practice, sometimes called scalping, is legal but often angers patrons who don’t realize they’re buying tickets from a third-party vendor at premium prices and end up feeling duped, said Maureen Patton, executive director of The Grand.

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Ron Shelby

Please do. That's an awful practice.

Diane Turski

I support legislative reform! I would like to see this type of third party "scalping" eliminated! If legislators do not act against this awful practice, then we should vote them out, because we will know they are not representing their constituents' interest.

George Croix

Good luck with legislating personal responsibility.
What 'legislative reform' do you 'support' that would do that?
What legislative reform will stop anyone from scalping tickets, or anyone from buying them?
You can punish an action if the actor is caught, but you cannot stop the attempt to act out. Only the consumer can do that.
The answer is, first, within ourselves, not Government.....
We need to stop 'resisting' that......

How about if the Grand Opera and other venues include on their homepage prominent wording that "This is the ONLY official site for guaranteed originating ticket purchases at face value ", or some such.
Then, anyone faking that likely has some legal issues, whereas a picture, unless copyrighted, is just that...a picture......
These places do not need more government to do somethign like that.....

Rusty Schroeder

The Astro's use dynamic pricing for teams that are more popular, been doing so for years. HLS&R can't stop this activity so I doubt The Grand will have any luck either. That's why there are season tickets and presale "fan club" options.

George Croix

Yes. I'm a long...long...loooong suffering Aggie football season tickets holder...half a dozen of them.....
And, to put the itch on the bite, for the last 3 seasons they've served Pepsi instead of Coke products.....
Nothing happening this season, with yet another high dollar big promises head coach, me and my several thousands of bucks will be making a half dozen tickets available.....at cost...[beam]

Tamala Robinson

Thanks Angela for your wonderful commentary. Now being that you are an avid sports fan, maybe you can reach out a little further and help fans that would love to take their family to a Houston Texans game without spending up to $1,000.00 on tickets for a family of four. Great article! KUDOS

Rusty Schroeder

I can't imagine considering paying that much to see a Texan's game, although I have friends that do and I know the prices. Maybe try to find some pre-season game tickets that are affordable. Then again, unless it's the 3rd week of pre-season, it's doubtful you will see much of your favorite players. It's surely not the Gameday atmosphere of regular season. I have a friend selling 4 tickets in the 300 level for the both Cowboys games, pre-season and regular. He's asking 6K and it comes with parking, sad thing is, he will probably get it.

George Croix

When we can't all go to a game, we put the extra tickets up at face value on the Aggie ticket buy/sell web.OR if we know some military folks will be going that need tickets we donate them to the service men/women free of charge.
None of us would be here as we are without those folks......

Rusty Schroeder

Yeah, I can't count the Astros tickets I have given away over the years. That's a good deed giving back to service members, I'll remember that. I was surprised this guy was asking that amount, but he like others are doing it as a business. He justifies it by recouping his PSL license, I'm amazed people pay the prices.

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