A district court judge has dismissed a case arguing the city and Mardi Gras promoter Yaga’s Entertainment couldn’t shut down streets and charge people to enter public roads.

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Wayne D Holt

Grady dismissed the case granting the city’s plea that it has governmental immunity from the lawsuit.

I'd like to see the legal reasoning on this one. Granting governmental immunity doesn't appear at first blush to be the same thing as ruling the city follows state law on this topic. The state law is clear and Flores has quoted from it numerous times. I can't understand why the city won't point to the specific exceptions in state law that allow it to ignore these prescriptions. Saying I'm not allowed to sue you is not the same thing as saying you have proven the statutory language supports your position.

Keri, please follow up on this ruling and inform the public on the specifics of this ruling. I, for one, really would like to know the details since it affects so many events that impact downtown residents.

As an aside to Judge Grady: Can you let us know if the city has the right to ignore terms of the Lone Star Rally contract regarding scrupulous observance of city ordinances? Or is the city immune from that responsibility also?

Larry Murphy

Residential people who live on the Island should be able to attend all Mardi Gras events for free with proper ID...

mark jones

So taxpayers and tourists must pay Yaga's to enter businesses on The Strand. People are happy about that? The city can place vendors from out-of-town in front of local businesses. People are happy about that? Motorcycle events can go from one weekend to let's say three or four weekends on The Strand. People are happy about that?

Ellen Morrison

“ Flores underestimated the community’s intelligence and desire to have great events in the off-season, Dean said in a statement.

“He chose instead to move forward with furthering his personal agenda and placed himself above the desire of the citizens of Galveston,” Dean said.”

What does this have to do with Judge Grady’s ruling? Generally speaking, a community’s wants or smarts has nothing to do with a legal decision.

mark jones

The Galveston Historic Foundation is in favor of Dean having parties in the historic district and banners all over historic buildings. Stuffed bears are issued citations. The chamber of commerce is supposed to advocate for local businesses, but they are in favor of Dean charging to get into downtown businesses. The Mayor is for Dean charging the public and putting vendors in from of businesses. Council members are for Dean charging taxpayers and putting vendors in front of businesses. The park board is in favor of Dean using hotel taxes for police and sanitation instead of conventions. The hoteliers are in favor of Dean using hotel taxes for police and cleaning instead of conventions. Dean uses public streets to have booths in the historic district all the time. The businesses are against it, but Dean has control of the streets. Who is on the side of the business people and taxpayers?

Ray Taft

According to the article, the lawsuit argued that the city and Mardi Gras promoter Yaga’s Entertainment couldn’t shut down streets and charge people to enter public roads.

If the lawsuit was against both entities, an appeal could show that the judge committed an error by dismissing the case against Yaga’s because of immunity. The city may be immune, but a private company is not immune from a lawsuit.

Karen Sawyer

Judge Patty Gray ???? not Grady anyone?

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