Thousands of unclaimed voter registration cards were sitting in Galveston County tax offices on Monday, waiting for their people to claim them, according to the Galveston County Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office.

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James Lippert

Hats off to Galveston County Tax Assessor/Collector Cheryl Johnson and her hard working staff for all of their efforts. While yesterday was the last day to Register to vote in the March 3rd Primary Election, the last day to Register for the May 2nd Local Election is April 2nd.

Christopher Smith

Riiiiight, so first Johnson tries to kick a bunch of people off the voter rolls using tainted and flawed lists and now this. Something seems really suspicious with the this office.

Carlos Ponce

She's doing a great job, Christopher. She did not try "to kick a bunch of people off the voter rolls". Cheryl Johnson sent out letters indicating there was a discrepancy indicating non-citizenship on DPS records. No one was disenfranchised. She is doing her job.

Don Johnson

Thank you Mr. Ponce. You are 100% correct.

Don Johnson

From Cheryl E. Johnson - Totally inaccurate.

We do not kick anyone off the voter rolls without cause. The State notified us of potential noncitizens and we followed the proper/legally required process of confirming citizenship (at least until we were shut down by the TRO and eventual agreement between State officials and Plaintiffs.

With regard to the article, every other year, we are required to mail new voter registration certificates. These cannot be forwarded to new addresses. When people move, they often do NOT provide new addresses thus this every other year, state required mailing. When the certificates are returned, we follow state law, send a letter asking for them to verify address and update records appropriately.

Everything we do in the Voter Registration Department is in accordance with State law. I have an Election Code in my office or you may view it online at the Texas Legislature Online if you wish to read it.

Cheryl E. Johnson

Gary Miller

A number of people were self identified as non citizens to get exempted from jury service. Cheryl wanted to remove them from county voter registration. Courts said she could not. OK? Now if they vote again they can be charged with election fraud. Go get um Cheryl.

Carol Dean

Cheryl Johnson is NOT at fault. There will those who will try and spin this to their own benefit. I will be keeping my eyes on a couple of "hand picked" candidates, myself.

Keith Gray

“Most people don’t even use them anymore because they use their license,” Johnson said of voter registration cards.

I'm one of those folks, so why not phase them out except for those who are registered to vote but cannot drive. Better yet, have them get an approved voter ID? It seems to me there is room for efficiencies/improvement... unless there is some law I'm not aware of. But laws can be changed with enough folks and a good solution. I want elected leaders to quit working hard for me and begin working smarter for me. Continuous Improvement should be our elected officials battle cry. IMHO

Don Johnson

Keith - I would love for the State to allow the Voter Unique Identifier to be added to the TDL BUT since DPS messed up the original potential noncitizen list so bad (recall it started as 98,000 and when DPS corrected its mistake it was 58,000) do we REALLY WANT DPS to merge the voter data?

There must be an easier method that is both reliable and cost effective but it will be up to the State House Election Committee and Senate State Affairs to change these laws!

Cheryl E. Johnson

Keith Gray

There must be an easier method that is both reliable and cost effective but it will be up to the State House Election Committee and Senate State Affairs to change these laws!

So I'll make time to put in a call... I'll look up who are on the committee...

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