The Galveston City Council has passed a slate of rules meant to regulate golf carts, including a $150 annual fee per cart for commercial renters and $25 for resident-owned carts, a required license plate and a mandate for a slew of safety equipment like seat belts.

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Don Schlessinger

The one big complaint most drivers on Seawall Blvd have complained about was slow moving golf carts driving in the middle lane. They slow traffic a crawl. When you see 10 plus cars poking along you can be sure some inconsiderate golf cart driver is blocking traffic. Not one thing was mentioned that they be required to only drive in the right hand lane. So it appears we locals will still be plagued by the problem. We citizens get no relief from the problem. Seems to be our city council found a new money source to hell with the people who live on the island.

Karen Lauer

Don, they actually did mention it..."In addition to the annual fees, the city will require commercial owners to affix stickers in the carts reminding renters to drive in the right lane and wear seat belts and informing them of streets where golf carts are prohibited, according to the rule." As to whether that rule will be enforced is another issue entirely, but at least it was put into the regulation.

Don Schlessinger

Thank you Karen I did miss that statement. I'm old so I get to do that every once in a while.

Wayne D Holt

Don, you will not be the last one to miss that statement, along with the others on the sticker. An adhesive sticker and another round of fees are our first line of defense re this issue, it seems.

Who gets ticketed for violations, the driver or the commercial company if it's a tourist? Is there going to be consistent and firm enforcement of these rules or are we going to see the same lack of follow-through as we do for the myriad other traffic law violations that occur every day of the week?

Driving in Galveston has become an exercise in not running down pedestrians darting out from between cars while avoiding a blitzkrieg of motorized skateboards, hover boards, roller skaters, mobility scooters, mini motorcycles and God knows what other alien transport technology that seems to find its way to our streets.

Bill Sterchi

Yep!! I didn't think it would be long for them to figure out a way to suck more money from the public. By the way, the County is already paying for Marshalls. Apparently though, they are the enforcement arm of City Council - whatever bug bites them, gets swatted. Think food vendors on the beach.

Paul Sivon

Disappointing result; problems not eliminated nor significantly mitigated, just monetized with added burden placed on residents.

Don Schlessinger


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