Sixteen former priests who served at churches in Galveston County are among the 42 men who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse, according to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

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Ray Taft

With such widespread abuse in the Catholic Church that even reaches to the Vatican, shouldn’t there be a RICO investigation by the FBI?

Probably won’t happen.

The Catholic Church ignores that many Catholic Democrats openly promote abortion on demand, even up until birth, in opposition to Catholic Church policy. So Democrats will reciprocate and look the other way for the Catholic Church.

And the FBI is too busy trying to frame President Trump anyway, so they probably can’t spare the resources.

Trudy Deen Davis

Not only did "the Church and her ministers fail to protect the most vulnerable souls entrusted to our care" they violated mandatory reporting laws that have existed in Texas since the 70s. It was widely known that the Catholic Church would just move the offender to another vulnerable congregation with a slap on the hand. Not only should the remaining offenders who still walk free be investigated and prosecuted, those in the Church who ignored the allegations and failed to report should be prosecuted. Failure to report is a misdemeanor. Further, those individuals who failed to act appropriately to protect victims have committed abuse by omission and those charges should be considered. Abuse by omission can garner a felony charge. This problem with the Church and Diocese has existed for decades and ignites a rage in individuals such as myself who spent their careers investigating abuse of children and endeavoring to hold offenders accountable. The good news is, with appropriate awareness and education of children along with the coordinated efforts of law enforcement, CPS, mental health care providers, medical professionals and prosecutors, offenders are being identified and held accountable. Services are being provided by to children and families to address the trauma caused by the abuse and violation of trust. Those efforts can be found in Children's Advocacy Centers all over Texas.

Carlos Ponce

The number of non-Catholic clergy guilty of sexual misconduct in this country outnumber the identified Catholic priests. When will their names be revealed?
While Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict were conservative in nature they appointed some very Liberal - Progressive bishops and cardinals. So it is no surprise that there are many Catholic politicians who have wandered away from Christ's teaching. It also doesn't surprise me that their Liberal-Progressive bent is expressed in local priests.

Gary Scoggin

Politicizing this? Really? Sexual abusers come in all makes and models and is not a function of political philosophy.

Carlos Ponce

I'm not the one who first brought it up, Gary. Just responding to what was posted earlier. And I am Catholic.

Fred E. Diaz

This list is bad enough but what about the school systems. They too have a severe problem.

George Croix

Gary, you're a smart guy, so why not stop pretending that EVERYTHING is not political at some point these days, which is the natural outcome of a near totally polarized citizenry...and non-citizenry....
What should/shouldn't be was abandoned years ago and in it's place we have left what is.......
'Double down' as the battle cry has replaced 'whatever's right'..............

Gary Scoggin

Actually I misread Carlos’ statement as implying that liberal-progressives were more likely to be abusers. Upon re reading I see that wasn’t his implication.

Apologies, Carlos, for my mistake.

Carlos Ponce

"Alphonse Rodrigue Hemond, Our Lady of Lourdes, Hitchcock"
No one remembers him.
I checked with the more seasoned parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes in Hitchcock -some dating back to the old wooden churches on the property that were once St. Elizabeth of Alta Loma and St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception of Hitchcock (a Nicholas Clayton designed structure). And some who attended those old churches on their original lands. No one remembers him. It's possible he was a visiting priest who was only there for a brief time.

Ron Shelby

Don’t be foolish. Does that really matter?

Carlos Ponce

Yes, yes it does.

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