In January 2020, many people thought of COVID-19 as a foreign mystery virus. It was a threat, perhaps, but still overseas, far away.

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Jack Cross

Very good and well written article.

At face value, looks like the Galveston lab tried to do what is right.

Also in association, Dr. Anthony Fauci was caught lying after newly released documents contradict his claims that the National Institute of Health did not fund gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan lab. After the Obama administration ordered Fauci to stop the experiments to make the bat viruses more deadly and jump to humans, Fauci instead transferred grants to EcoHealth Alliance — the nonprofit run by Peter Daszak that funneled federal funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bat coronavirus research.

Fauci has repeatedly insisted that NIH funding of the Wuhan lab does not constitute as “gain-of-function” research.

“Surprise surprise – Fauci lied again. And I was right about his agency funding novel Coronavirus research at Wuhan,” Sen. Paul tweeted after the documents were made public.

What is more surprising is that the investigation to the origins of COVID -19 is at a dead end. Is this another cover-up ?

Jack Cross

One would think that COVIC-19 having turned the world upside down and caused so much death and destruction, that the WHO and everyone else would want to get to the bottom in finding the cause to see that this never happens again. Not only for safety and health reasons but creating deadly viruses and that is what this was, can be used as a bio weapon. But instead the investigation as pointed out in the article and other news reports are at a dead end, Why ?

Bailey Jones

Thanks for the article. It's interesting to learn about the early days of the pandemic.

Ted Gillis

Rand Paul. The same Rand Paul who created his on professional board, made up of just him, his wife and maybe one other person, so that he could claim that he was "board certified", becaus he couldn't (or wouln't) meet the qualifications of the nationally recognized board that others in his profession are members of? That Rand Paul?

Yeah, let's all believe him.

Jack Cross

Ted, lets assume Rand Paul is a skunk, this is not about Rand Paul, it is about Dr Fauci and his emails, It is not honest to excuse a crime because you don't trust or like the accuser. Evidence should be the deciding factor. The problem with the forum, is too often we ignore the fact and allow our political leanings direct our responses,

Ted Gillis

You are exactly right Jack. I was using Rand Paul as bait to draw out a comparison. Let’s say Anthony Fauci is also a skunk. It doesn’t mean that everything he has said and warned us about the virus is wrong.

Bailey Jones

This reminds me of the old "I don't believe in climate change because Al Gore is a hypocrite."

Science isn't about personalities. It's about science. When I see a COVID post that's about Fauci, I assume the basis of the post is deflection and disinformation. If you can't kill the message, kill the messenger.

Jack Cross

Ted, the problem with Dr, Fauci is that he has been all over the place taking both sides.

That'[s not science, its hard to trust someone like that. And Bailey Al Gore is a phony who got rich over his movie where none, zero of his predictions came true. Lets be honest, and throw out the politics. How can anyone of any color or political party think that these mandates, open borders, policies that cause cost of everything go up, foreign policy that is offering to give U.S. dollars to terrotist. a winner. The oil industry is being crippled at the same time we are getting oil on the west coast from Saudi Arabia. Is the U.S. the only place in the World causing climate change? Oil hit a ten year high today, Inflection is about to go through the reef while both political parties do nothing but enrich themselves. We are fighting each other, teaching our kids to hate each other, firing people from their jobs over vaccination while 60,000 poor Haitians are marching to accept the U.S. welcome to add to the overload of poor students and the cost to schools, Medicaid and welfare.

We are facing water shortage, bridges, highways, high school and property taxes, We don't need more population that uses more natural resources. That is one way to slow down man made climate change. And lets not present blacks or anyone else as victims or blame some white guy like me or others. Lets celebrate that everyone has equal opportunity. Lets promote family and education. That is the key to get out poverty. There is a lot of white people, African Americans, Asians and others who are giving their time and money to do just that but they are being undermined by the political climate and nonsense like Critical Race theory.

Jose' Boix

Perhaps my thinking is leveraged by my background, but somehow, I would not trust anything that comes out a Communist controlled regime. Even if such exchange of information can be classified as of "universally scientific" value. Maybe seeing what Castro did to us and Cuba, has developed my cynicism in this regard. Just my thoughts.

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