As waits get longer and tempers get shorter, state officials beginning next year will allow people in Galveston County and elsewhere across Texas to book driver’s license appointments up to six months in advance.

Changes can’t come soon enough for some Galveston County residents who have grown frustrated with long lines at Texas Department of Public Safety offices.

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Stephen Murphy

I hope they revamp the appointment system, too. I tried to make an "appointment" through the online system and it took 3 days of trying and trying before I was able to get into the system. On top of that, what good does it do to have an appointment if there are no places to park? The Galveston office has a total of 10 parking spaces, with 4 to 5 of them being taken up by office staff. The Texas City office parking spaces were full both times I tried getting to my "appointment". College of the Mainland (COM) will not let you park in their parking lots without a COM parking sticker. Their security officers constantly monitor their parking lots for violators.

Carlos Ponce

It's all about timing and patience. I chose a time when there were no long lines at the Texas City office. After I finished I did notice some lined up outside. DPS sent a letter more than a month previous to my renewal date requesting I arrive with a birth certificate and Social Security card. They asked for the birth certificate but not the Social Security card which was fine. I had told my nephew about the DPS request since he said he did not receive such a letter but he forgot and had to go home to get his birth certificate.

I had expected the time at the Texas City DPS to be about an hour but it took less than that. Many were on their cellular devices to occupy their time. I struck up conversations with the few around me who did not. I had a nice conversation with an ex-student until he was called, reminisced with an older man about the old DPS office on 5th Avenue, spoke about politics (national and local), the weather, etc..

I had no problem parking but had a plan if I did. My doctor's office is at Appomattox place on Amburn not far from the DPS. I had planned on parking there if no spaces were available. A little walk and you're there but there were spaces at the DPS when I arrived.

I have no complaints about the Texas City DPS. The staff was courteous trying to expedite the process.

Felipe Fernandez

We have been to the offices in Lubbock and Corpus Christi and they take appointments which is so much better than waiting in line. The Texas City and Galveston offices need to use this method. No one has time to be waiting in a line outside.

Mary Gillespie

This system cannot help unless there are more clerks to take care of citizens.

Doug Sivyer

Why would anyone go to this office without knowing in advance what documents are needed. Can't fix stupid. And they need to train the govt workers on what it means to have a sense of urgency. Perhaps pay them by the document processed rather than by the hour :-)

Carlos Ponce

"Why would anyone go to this office without knowing in advance what documents are needed." That reminds me of election day 2016. I work in the building where polling took place. People would drive up in a car or truck. When asked for driver's license or acceptable alternative they said they had none. If they stationed an officer at the polling place there would be objections but he or she could ticket quite a few for driving without a license.

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