Steps leading to the arrest of a prominent local developer and his wife began with a phone call to police from the other driver involved in a parking-lot car crash Sunday, according to probable-cause affidavits released Wednesday.

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Craig Mason

Wonder if there are any cameras in that parking lot.

Rachael Hall

Unfortunately there are not but the multiple pictures and videos that BOTH drivers took show that Hall's car was crashed in on the side and Guadalupe Melchor's Back was crashed in. Unless there was Ice in the parking lot on a Texas day in September and Hall was "drifting" there is NO possible way Hall could have slide the side of her car into his.

Craig Mason

Sounds like unsafe backing on Mr. Melchor's part. I thought there would need to be a warrant to compel someone to turn over materials or information in their home. Seems like answering the door turned into a nightmare. Maybe time to get a ring. Hope this gets resolved soon for both parties sake.

Bill Cochrane

I'm wondering why the officer is referring to the Halls by their first names? Either he knows them personally or they have committed so many crimes that they both are on a first name basis with the police.

Pete Dunn

I don't understand why the police came to her house in the first place. Everyone was clear as to who the parties were, and you can easily look up the license plate for the vehicle. If the other driver had insurance their insurance company could have found Mrs. Halls policy by her license plate number alone. What exactly did the officer need? Equally confusing is why the police were involved in what is clearly a civil matter, this seems like something insurance companies work out.

Craig Mason

Exactly Pete. Makes me wonder if someone had an axe to grind or their is more to the story? Could be as simple as overzealous policing. I am invested in this story at this point.

Ron Shelby

Something about this entire thing doesn't seem right. If Rachel Hall is so much "in the right" why don't they immediately go down to the Police Station and clear it all up provided all the required information which the Police can transmit to the other vehicle owner. Otherwise, I'm wondering what the Halls are hiding. Stories just don't add up and new stories pop up like the stalking story that was provided.

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