A threat by the IRS to fine Galveston County more than $70,000 over its 2018 tax returns had officials talking about cat fights, britches and intestinal fortitude Tuesday during a discussion about how and why the problem occurred.

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David Hardee

Stay the course John Wayne. The community is being well served by your GDN articles. The lack of competence and responsibility are prolific in the “public servant” arena. Public servant immunities shield self serving conduct and has allowed arrogance beyond tolerance. Weeding the local garden helps on the path to draining the swamp.

There is far too much government activism begetting ever increasing numbers of public servant resulting in a humongous voting bloc that is overwhelming the ability of “we the people” to live a tranquil life.

Ron Shelby

If the County Treasurer does not believe he's the one who should be the financial contact for the county in regards to bank accounts, the IRS etc... then its time to make a formal resolution to the state that the office be schedule to close. Mr. Walsh himself said that before he was elected to the office. Time to put that plan into motion and save the county at least 2 positions.

Stephen Murphy

It's nice to know that us mere over-taxed-paying mortals are not the only ones who can't understand the IRS or the tax codes.

Carol Dean

Typical Galveston County Government incompetence or...the latest version of "The Blame Game".

Don Schlessinger

Gee, now we know why property taxes are increasing. Incompetence!

Josh Moore

It seems that some people need to be fired. Also, why do these officials make six figures a year? It would appear that those at the top in the Tax Office and other County offices are only concerned with lining their own pockets.

Dan Freeman

Just vote him out.

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